[ENG SUB] ITZY (JYP GIRLS) ON 'STRAY KIDS' - Ryujin, Yuna, Yeji, Chaeryeong

  • Published on:  8/25/2018
  • https://twitter.com/itzymom


  • Joylyn Lal
    Joylyn Lal 6 months ago+1429

    I feel bad for the other girls who didn't get to debut in itzy

  • tzuyu loves me / lia loves me

    Am I the only one here because of ITZY?

  • Erin
    Erin 9 months ago+2093

    Now I can recognize who is Lee Chaeryeong and who is Lee Chaeyeon 😂 The difference is their cheeks, Chaeyeon's the more fluffy one lol 💕 But they both grew beautifully 😍

  • Nasi Basi
    Nasi Basi 9 months ago+1605

    3:09 You are popular chaeryoung-ie everyone is waiting for your debut 💟💞💞💖

  • R O
    R O 8 months ago+1089

    I can't wait for Chaeryeong to debut! She's been patient and tenacious. JYP will surely put her in an excellent group. YOU DID WELL, CHAERYEONG-IE.😍

  • franz riel
    franz riel 8 months ago+951

    Rhujin is like dahyun being a man😂😂

  • Pranckall
    Pranckall 7 months ago+922

    so chaeyeon gets the girls (mainly sakura tho these days) and chaeryoung gets the boys
    the real winner is the lee family

  • yungirin
    yungirin  11 months ago+825

    Note: Mashiro, Yejin, and Sunmin have all left JYP

  • oh and that’s a long ass ride

    Am I the only one who feel so giddy the fact that Hyunjin, Woojin, and Jisung complimented my dear Chaeryoung-ieee 💓

  • lee chaeyeon lee chaeryeong
    lee chaeyeon lee chaeryeong 11 months ago+495

    Like the boy my eyes focused on chaeryeong 😍

  • yungirin
    yungirin  7 months ago+341

    An update for everyone:
    Yeji, Ryujin, Jisu, Chaeryeong, and Yuna will debut as the new girl group, ITZY. I have heard that Lily left the company a little while ago. Also, I have subbed more Yeji videos, they are unlisted but the links are on my twitter @itzymom !

  • North East
    North East 6 months ago+155

    Rhujin will be a top actress in south korea in future. She is very pretty n her personality is quite attractive. I like her already

  • 이뚜뚜
    이뚜뚜 14 days ago+21

    이때부터 이미 데뷔할애들은 정해졌네
    Itzy로 데뷔한 4명은 모두 인터뷰하면서 얼굴 띄워주고,, 리아는 히든카드였는듯


    Wish chaeryeong would debut already i wanna see her slay

  • 란아친
    란아친 8 months ago+145

    Chaeryeong holy shit the dance line is gonna be wild

  • RM Del Rosario
    RM Del Rosario 9 months ago+250

    Got here because of lee chaeyeon sister

  • Pink Lamborghini
    Pink Lamborghini 8 months ago+139

    Chaeryeong fanboy detect

  • LiCk My PuSsY aNd My CrAcK
    LiCk My PuSsY aNd My CrAcK 8 months ago+194

    I remember when my toxic ass hated these girls because straykids enjoyed their performance😂 but now I actually like these girls and became MATURE enough to know that I can never get a chance with anybody from kpop😂 although I can never get a chance they remain in my heart❤️ can’t wait for these talented girls to debute❤️❤️💁🏻
    (Edit) ew wtf🤣 I was still toxic anyways ITZY ROTY!!!!!!!!!

  • Ten Ten
    Ten Ten 9 months ago+182

    Chae’s sisters slay the kpop world for sure👑👑👑 Bravo 👏 Both are dancing queen 👑 and their vocal “Just Wow” 👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥 these girls are on fire🔥🔥 I love both of them since Kpop Star 👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

  • Pasta kook
    Pasta kook 11 months ago+164

    Chaeryeong 🍍💖