The Origins Of Captain Marvel Explained

  • Published on:  2/18/2018
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    There are a number of characters who have gone by the name "Captain Marvel" over the years - and they've appeared in both Marvel and DC comic books.
    One of them - Carol Danvers, the most modern version from Marvel's comics - is getting her own Marvel Cinematic Universe movie in 2019.
    We're really excited about it - seriously, it's going to be amazing - because Danvers is an awesome character and the movie will introduce the shapeshifting Skrulls to the MCU, which could be absolutely pivotal to the plot of the entire franchise going forward (and she's set to be the most powerful superhero in the franchise, which is awesome).
    In this video, we'll explain how Danvers came to be such a powerful superhero. These are the origins of Captain Marvel explained...
    Carol Danvers worked for N.A.S.A. as the organisation's Security Director. She became friends with a co-worker who was actually the Kree super-agent Mar-Vell. When an old enemy of Mar-Vell's attacked him, he shielded Danvers from the resulting radiation. This resulted in her DNA becoming merged with his - and she gained similar powers to him as a result (super-strength, speed and durability, flight capabilities, and energy absorption, projection and manipulation).
    She didn't immediately take the name "Captain Marvel". She has also been known as Ms. Marvel, Binary and Warbird.
    She has been a member of the Avengers and various other superhero teams and organisations.
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  • Sup Dude
    Sup Dude 2 days ago

    If deadpool joins....he will destroy the MCU straight away lmao

  • K3vy Kev
    K3vy Kev 2 days ago

    i thought captain marvel was a man. smh

  • Jaywu_chakra
    Jaywu_chakra 3 days ago

    This Captain Marvel has 2 many origins. I want to know when we're going to see Blue Marvel. He is the true OP, OG of Marvel comics.

  • KandN Dad
    KandN Dad 4 days ago

    Captain Super Saiyan in MCU is not Marvel Comics Ms Marvel. Some story threads yes, but does not appear to be Ms Marvel. Who was a B level character at best (a D level in the most recent depictions from several failed reboots) and never in Thor’s or Hulks league. Wanda and certainly Dr Strange could beat her in the comics. Captain Mary Sue in MCU is the first step of MCU following Star Wars from Woke to Broke(n).

  • Asahel
    Asahel 4 days ago

    the origins story of super heores are too cliche

  • Anie No
    Anie No 4 days ago

    Rogue is stronger

  • Diego Vergara
    Diego Vergara 5 days ago

    In what part of her life she lose some of her powers with rogue? you guys forgot about that?

  • samit das
    samit das 5 days ago

    Boring character!

  • Sack Chaser
    Sack Chaser 5 days ago

    Who's Here After The New Trailer Release.

  • Joni Michalski
    Joni Michalski 5 days ago

    Marvel For Ever

  • George Kenny
    George Kenny 6 days ago

    3:19 you're welcome

  • kamekaze kwago
    kamekaze kwago 7 days ago

    4:25 oh so thats why she punch grandma

  • High Frequency Radio

    How many people remember when Captain Marvel was a man?

  • April Cassell
    April Cassell 16 days ago

    Who else perked up when they heard Commander Shepherd's voice and didn't pay attention to the rest of the video aside from catching Jennifer Hale bits? :D

  • Andrew Hurst
    Andrew Hurst 22 days ago

    Marvel:carol danvers/captain marvel
    DC:Kara Danvers/supergirl

  • Adam Afrixal
    Adam Afrixal 26 days ago

    You know if powers like captain marvel and mister manhattan are acquired "accidentally", they should logically mass produced the power or make stronger one based on the mistake.
    Artificial godly accident power is bullshit for me.

  • MasterOogway
    MasterOogway 29 days ago

    Magnitron. Seriously

  • Leon Castro
    Leon Castro 1 months ago

    I see the comment talk about how captain marvel isn't mcu strangest character witch i agree on. So Then why is this vedio positive

  • Tru Lyrixx
    Tru Lyrixx 1 months ago

    hope she isnt overpowered like the mistake dc made making superman too strong in JL

  • cure lord
    cure lord 1 months ago+1

    marvel have overdid it's welcome