"Trip A Little Light Fantastic" Clip | Mary Poppins Returns

  • Published on:  12/26/2018
  • See Mary Poppins Returns in theatres now! Get your tickets today: http://bit.ly/MryPpnsTx In Disney’s “Mary Poppins Returns,” an all new original musical and sequel, Mary Poppins is back to help the next generation of the Banks family find the joy and wonder missing in their lives following a personal loss. Emily Blunt stars as the practically-perfect nanny with unique magical skills who can turn any ordinary task into an unforgettable, fantastic adventure and Lin-Manuel Miranda plays her friend Jack, an optimistic street lamplighter who helps bring light—and life—to the streets of London. “Mary Poppins Returns” is directed by Rob Marshall. The screenplay is by David Magee and the screen story is by Magee & Rob Marshall & John DeLuca based upon the Mary Poppins Stories by PL Travers. The producers are John DeLuca, p.g.a., Rob Marshall, p.g.a. and Marc Platt, p.g.a. with Callum McDougall serving as executive producer. The music score is by Marc Shaiman and the film features all new original songs with music by Shaiman and lyrics by Scott Wittman and Shaiman. The film also stars Ben Whishaw as Michael Banks; Emily Mortimer as Jane Banks; Julie Walters as the Banks’ housekeeper Ellen; Pixie Davies, Nathanael Saleh and introducing Joel Dawson as the Banks’ children, with Colin Firth as Fidelity Fiduciary Bank’s William Weatherall Wilkins; and Meryl Streep as Mary’s eccentric cousin, Topsy. Angela Lansbury appears as the Balloon Lady, a treasured character from the PL Travers books and Dick Van Dyke is Mr. Dawes, Jr., the retired chairman of the bank now run by Firth’s character. Twitter: https://twitter.com/disneystudiosInstagram: https://instagram.com/marypoppinsreturnsYouTube: https://youtube.com/disneymovietrailersHashtag: #MaryPoppinsReturns


  • The mad Hatter 6 months ago

    How can anyone say this soundtrack is forgettable? This is seriously one of the best things in a long time, they all look like they’re having the time of their lives... it looks like soooo much fun and it definitely was a blast to watch it in the theater! A great family film!

  • Bit Bandit 6 months ago

    I watched the movie last night and couldn't remember the hook melody for a single song in it. I remember the gist of the songs, but the lyrics and melodies just kind of melt together IMO.

  • Leonard Hughes 6 months ago

    @Arman Cole yes I agree that's the way to put it.

  • Adrian Nuno 6 months ago

    This was hands down the best scene in the whole movie. Immediately after watching this scene in theaters, I repeated this song on Spotify again and again.....and again. Lin was the perfect person for this part and I am so happy for him.

  • The mad Hatter 6 months ago

    That part when they say “17 cherrytree lane” is cool

  • Kirsty Fairley 6 months ago

    Went to see this at my local movie theatre last Friday when it was released, & as someone who grew up loving the original movie I loved every moment of it. It captured the spirit & heart of the original movie incredibly well, & by the time the movie was over I came out with the biggest smile on my face, plus the songs were so good they've been stuck in my head ever since.

  • Christina Cope 6 months ago

    Saw it last night with my niece, we loved it and are both big fans of the original Mary Poppins.

  • Caleb Womack 6 months ago

    The movie was great! I cried like 3 times 😂

  • William Fairchild 6 months ago

    Trip A Little Light Fantastic is my favourite song in Mary Poppins Returns the film and the soundtrack and hands down the best scene in the film

  • Kim Jong-un 6 months ago

    We didn't start the fire. It was always burning since the world's been turning

  • Ashley L 6 months ago

    Ryan started the fire

  • mary conlon 6 months ago

    Why do I see you everywhere

  • roth 7000 6 months ago

    this movie was lit and i loved the dancing so much

  • Marilyn Richter 6 months ago


  • William Fairchild 6 months ago

    Trip A Little Light Fantastic is my favourite song in Mary Poppins Returns the film and the soundtrack and hands down the best scene in the film

  • FullmetalNinja25 6 months ago

    Lin-Manuel Miranda deserves an Oscar Nomination for this.

  • C Evangelista 6 months ago

    Sugar Kane did u watch the movie?

  • Sugar Kane 6 months ago

    @FullmetalNinja25 but he doesn't even dance D:

  • Big Sai45 Productions 6 months ago

    Even as a Mary Poppins fan, the 1964 version is a great musical movie, a one of a kind, but this movie is BEAUTIFUL. As Mary would say, “a perfect movie in every way!” As I left the theater, I couldn’t get the songs out of my head. This was a movie that no one will ever forget. A 10/10 movie, a movie that Disney knocked it out of the park, and a movie that is truly filled with wonder and magic.

  • MaddieRick 6 months ago

    Absolutely agree! Couldn’t of said it better myself. ☺️

  • My inner six year old definitely isn’t crying right now.