I Tried To Re-Create This Flaming Cheese Wheel Pasta

  • Published on:  6/16/2018
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  • Question Mark
    Question Mark 6 months ago+1260

    "Look, I'm CHEESUS"

  • Papa_Erick
    Papa_Erick 5 months ago+838

    So he decided that 4 tablespoons was perfect...Rie said in the beginning try 1/4 cup aka 4 tablespoons 😂

  • Pig McMuffin
    Pig McMuffin 7 months ago+3151

    I love that nobody questions Andrew riding an 80 pound wheel of cheese down the hall of the Buzzfeed office.

  • lonely _pea
    lonely _pea 6 months ago+2935

    I just noticed that Rie is the parental guidance

  • Melting Moonlight
    Melting Moonlight 7 months ago+876

    Andrew can simply nonchalantly just wheel around on a 72 pound cheese wheel which cost $900 with a pokerface, but when Rie says "a little too boozy"
    he crie

  • Matthew Greene
    Matthew Greene 9 months ago+2803

    Andrew - "Is that too much butter?"
    Rie - "There's no such thing." (Paraphrased)
    Me - "That's my kind of woman!"

  • Jackson Borges
    Jackson Borges 8 months ago+412

    anyone else think Andrew is hella cute?

  • e .b
    e .b 5 months ago+169

    I literally died at the “cheesus” joke.

  • Cloud Mystical
    Cloud Mystical 8 months ago+504

    Buys 900$ Wheel of cheese instead of car

  • TheCheck
    TheCheck 9 months ago+169

    My Mom: Hey, you okay with making dinner for yourself.
    Me: No problem, I think that I’ll just make myself a bit of pasta.
    My Mom: comes home to a $900 wheel of cheese on fire and me overdosing on carbs

  • Z
    Z 8 months ago+763

    “There’s nota sucha theng”
    - rie

    I LOVE BTS And KEVIN 6 months ago+175

    Adam challenges everyone
    Because he wants to eat that thing
    Lol 😂

  • King beat Hhh
    King beat Hhh 8 months ago+275

    1:10 trust me we all know who she is

  • Cats go Meow
    Cats go Meow 4 months ago+127

    “lights are down, sauce is nice, people are coming.” without context, this sounds hilarious

  • Dylan Bradshaw
    Dylan Bradshaw 2 months ago+51

    Rie: Hello
    Me: Fangirl screaming “ITZ RIEEEEEE”

  • Sweet Cherry Honey
    Sweet Cherry Honey 5 months ago+159

    rie:tasty mom
    nikki:wants to be impressed by rie
    andrew;the moody
    adam;the challenger

  • Hlysnan
    Hlysnan a years ago+10583

    Andrew used 4 tbsp of cognac for the final attempt - which Rie said to use in the beginning (4 tbsp = 1/4 cup)
    Never doubt Rie 😂

  • Les Chroniques Du Plat V
    Les Chroniques Du Plat V 8 months ago+110

    Andrew : "Basically perfect ! "
    Rie did it so..

  • nolongerrubybow
    nolongerrubybow 7 months ago+39

    the amount of cheese he took out was probably able to last 3 years

  • Dylan Bradshaw
    Dylan Bradshaw 2 months ago+40

    Rie: “it’s not a such a thing” love you rie 😍 so cute