Bradley Cooper Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’



  • Volvican
    Volvican 3 months ago+4036

    He is totally making up for all the people that never hit the buzzer. Ellen should be pleased.

  • Richa G
    Richa G 3 months ago+5090

    I am gonna Invite Bradley and Ellen on my Wedding.
    Let's see who comes early.

  • GOT7 Ahgase
    GOT7 Ahgase 3 months ago+5260

    Ok I'm in love with Bradley's personality

  • Marilyn N
    Marilyn N 3 months ago+1964

    I thought he was just the cute guy they put in funny movies. I didn't realize he was actually funny!!

  • AbbyIfYouWill
    AbbyIfYouWill 3 months ago+1442

    Bradley Cooper’s laugh is amazing.
    Wow. I love that man.

  • loveforeignaccents
    loveforeignaccents 3 months ago+1316

    What a lovely and genuine man!!

  • James Campton
    James Campton 3 months ago+1610

    The censors worked really well on Bradley's Italian swear word or words...

  • Richa G
    Richa G 3 months ago+1633

    Ellen - Boxers or Briefs
    Bradley - Briefs
    Ellen what do you sleep in at night?
    Bradley - Those Briefs

  • Jasmine Thomas
    Jasmine Thomas 2 months ago+415

    He looks like an older Zac Efron actually.

  • chika cecy
    chika cecy 3 months ago+842

    he says 'oh!' before answering every question lol

  • Gabriel Paolo Perez
    Gabriel Paolo Perez 3 months ago+459

    2:18 His laugh is so adorable. Infectious! ♥️

  • shweta singhania
    shweta singhania 3 months ago+482

    Lady gaga almost forgot to hit the buzzer everytime and here's Bradely hitting the buzzer after every sentence

  • Lamín
    Lamín 3 months ago+487

    “That would made me laugh too”

  • Me Me
    Me Me 3 months ago+418

    in the middle of a conversation
    “Hey you just won 10,000 dollars”

  • sumthinsnazzi78
    sumthinsnazzi78 3 months ago+250

    “I like this thing!” 🚨

  • Jana Ahmed
    Jana Ahmed 3 months ago+212

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful man’s personality and humbleness ♥️

  • Sam Q
    Sam Q 3 months ago+250

    Dude Bradley Cooper is so funny, him hitting the button after everything he said has me dying😂😂

  • ilhem Lina
    ilhem Lina 3 months ago+283

    Whenever i see Bradley Cooper i just click without hesitation 😍

  • Lou Collober
    Lou Collober 3 months ago+208

    That Italian curse word is epic, we just need to know it now

  • Panda 123
    Panda 123 3 months ago+342

    If you clicked right away like this