Mary Poppins - Medley - BBC Proms 2014

  • Published on:  9/13/2014
  • SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC YouTube channel 👉 BBC iPlayer to watch full BBC programmes online now 👉 Last Night of the Proms 2014.Star of the West End Ruthie Henshall, the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Sakari Oramo (conductor) mark the 50th anniversary of the film Mary Poppins with a singalong medley (Richard M. & Robert B. Sherman, arr. Anne Dudley).For more exclusive videos and photos from this Prom, go to:


  • Luke Matthews
    Luke Matthews 2 years ago+332

    Conclusion: if there's one thing the British public can all rally around and unite for, it's Mary Poppins

  • Lauren Massey
    Lauren Massey 3 years ago+897

    Anyone else cry when everyone was singing feed the birds?

  • Holly
    Holly 4 years ago+553

    I'm afraid you can't live in England if you don't know all the words to Mary Poppins

  • virusguy5611
    virusguy5611 4 years ago+521

    If Julie Andrews waltzed in on stage right then, the applause would have probably crashed the loudspeakers.

  • SarahG
    SarahG 2 years ago+80

    This brought tears to my eyes... Its a beautiful thing when a massive group of people all sing and share a love for something forever etched in our childhoods

  • The Stammering Dunce
    The Stammering Dunce 4 years ago+544

    One person said complained about how they hired a foreign conductor. Another person complained how these songs are actually American, as they were created by the Sherman Brothers.
    Are you serious? If you want to complain about foreign stuffs, maybe you should also complain Mary Poppins, who was created by an Australian. Yes, PL Travers was an Aussie.
    You may as well complain about the English language as well. It is a Germanic language and Germanic languages originated from mainland Europe. English is also greatly influenced by the French language.

  • nitetrane98
    nitetrane98 2 years ago+290

    For those of us that tear up at Feed the Birds, don't feel odd. We were fantastically manipulated by the composer's change of minor to major key. The resolution and release from the minor to the major is a release from sadness to joy and hope. The lyrics put you in the mood but it's the music doing it to us. It's musical composition at it's absolute finest. In my opinion.

  • Glenn Cook
    Glenn Cook 4 years ago+288

    That guy with the umbrella at 7:10 - Classic.

    KINDLE 4 years ago+74

    To me, this shows how pointless everything else in life is compared to those priceless moments spent reveling in the profound mystery of music.

  • Zain Ahmed
    Zain Ahmed 3 years ago+88

    Watching the original Mary Poppins and Saving Mr Banks, you get so much respect towards the Disney studio and towards P.L Travers, the author of the Mary Poppins books. Although Travers hated Disney's Mary Poppins, if only she could see this. How the nation has come to love this flying nanny with a talking umbrella and carpet handbag.
    If anyone has not seen Marry Poppins or Saving Mr Banks, well GO AND WATCH IT! Its amazing.
    R.I.P Walt Disney and P.L Travers.

  • toast andham
    toast andham 4 years ago+52

    I was there in Hyde Park, and it had me at the last "tuppence a bag"... It was so emotional and an amazing expereience.

  • Ziwei Miao
    Ziwei Miao 2 years ago+42

    This clip is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  • Shahaf Carmieli
    Shahaf Carmieli 3 years ago+221

    Thank you Sherman Brothers for a wonderful childhood

  • CassDM
    CassDM 4 years ago+324

    How does everyone in England know all the lyrics?!

  • little Maleficent
    little Maleficent 2 years ago+159

    7:08 THE DUDE IN THE GREY SWEATHER AND THE UMBRELLA !! ...he was feeling it man XD!

  • Jesus Adrian Garza
    Jesus Adrian Garza 3 years ago+83


  • Peter C. Frank
    Peter C. Frank 2 years ago+105

    I've always known about the BBC Proms; what I never knew was how much of a national thing it was, or that they held events in sync throughout the realms where folks from every walk of life come out and join in the fun. That, to me, is simply amazing, and something I don't think could happen anywhere else in the world. <3

  • Prof. George Werner
    Prof. George Werner 2 years ago+34

    I'm just here to give it up for Ruthie Henshall. She may not be Julie Andrews, but she's been THE Fantine, and she IS Mary Poppins here. That quite suffices.

  • Rebecca Porthouse
    Rebecca Porthouse 3 years ago+150

    See this right here.. This makes me proud to be English 🌹💕

  • MaAniFantasy
    MaAniFantasy 4 years ago+41

    Seriously, why couldn't I have been born in the UK? This seems so magical and amazing! Really hope someday I will be able to live there and be at the Proms!