domino by cora

  • Published on:  9/27/2011


  • Un mec d'arlon
    Un mec d'arlon 5 years ago +3

    Beau boulot mais je suis sur a 80% qu'il y'a eu un fail à 2m14 , changement d'image et de zone de vue , et d'ailleur ont voit bien que c'est trop écarté :) Mais bravo !

  • ThunderClawShocktrix
    ThunderClawShocktrix 3 years ago+7

    oh i bet the janitor was not amused

  • Whats the dare
    Whats the dare 3 years ago+4

    That is pretty cool😂👍🏼

  • Cybercypher
    Cybercypher 4 years ago+4

    Night shift at the Cora Supermarket in Rennes, France.
    Saw this on Flixxy.
    1:53 - 1:58 FAIL! (12 boxes still standing)
    Good try but reset it and do it again.

  • Lothrech Tal'Star
    Lothrech Tal'Star 5 years ago+3

    Bien joué ! même avec différente tailles différent poids y a juste eu un raté, mais la chaîne ne s'est pas arrêté !

  • RM
    RM 5 years ago+1

    1;57 Fail to the right

  • jwons 102
    jwons 102 4 years ago


  • Lauren McLarty
    Lauren McLarty 5 years ago+1

    You know you're bored during a shift when..... Creative and unique. I liked how even though you could see all kinds of star wars signs in the electronic dept, they used star wars blu-ray boxsets for that portion. There were only a few other products I recognised.

  • Vanessa Turner
    Vanessa Turner 4 years ago

    always amazing

  • Adiba
    Adiba 4 years ago

    That was impressive but a few fails it's going to take ages tidying that up and making it!

  • Okay
    Okay 3 years ago

    Gg pour les domino

  • Sulpicio Generico Lotho Falsis

    Hanger its not good enough try to be the hevesh 5 i love them

  • 也寸志-
    也寸志- 5 years ago

    How did they get the permision?:-)

  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga 4 years ago

    Well well well cool

  • 샤꾸
    샤꾸 4 years ago

    저걸 어떻게 해?

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 3 years ago

    That was cool, by the way my name is Cora not Robert.

  • ZmathieuZ
    ZmathieuZ 4 years ago

    Vené vwar ma shene

  • Brioche Chocolat
    Brioche Chocolat 5 years ago

    trop fort

  • Aqilis Mirza
    Aqilis Mirza 5 years ago

    are you malay im malay

  • Mohd Nur Akmal Bin Amzah

    smart and creative people who can only do this thing.