The Back To School Special In South Carolina w/ DC Young Fly Karlous Miller and Chico Bean

  • Published on:  8/31/2018
  • The fellas DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean deliver a second hilarious sold out show from the Comedy House in South Carolina! This time they take it back and talk about how it was back in the day when school was about to start. Plus, they roast the entire crowd as usual. From the uncle in the BBQ outfit, to the old nigga whose been married for 40 years. This weeks sponsor is MY BOOKIE ( Use code 85SOUTH.FOLLOW THE CREW KARLOUS MILLER - - BEAN - SORRELLS - AND PAID - BRAND - ENGLISH - T. NEWMAN - http://www.ayoungplayer.comCHAD OUBRE - LANCE CRAYTON - - GRAVES -


  • Nik pipe
    Nik pipe 11 months ago+294

    My MF boos here it must be Friday

  • SpeedDemon 01
    SpeedDemon 01 11 months ago+856

    They sleep on Karlous , He’s a Comedic Genius. 🐐

  • Spook KKc
    Spook KKc 11 months ago+386

    These crowds be terrible. Memphis was the best crowd

  • Elisha Jones
    Elisha Jones 11 months ago+333

    These ppl were dryyy😂😂 they was hardly laughing

  • Alex Ardilla
    Alex Ardilla 11 months ago+278

    "I brought my uncle with me...."
    Never gets old 😂

  • Danga
    Danga 11 months ago+196

    Audience were lame 😒

  • tiawms44
    tiawms44 11 months ago+335

    This show dedicated to all the kids who momma came to school with a robe on cause they was acting up.

  • Negus Heru
    Negus Heru 11 months ago+106

    The crowd is so dead

  • Jay's world
    Jay's world 11 months ago+147

    J.o.n is so underrated he is a grate composer/producer and also shout out to everyone behind the scenes and the cameraman I love the 85 south show I watch it every night showing love from London ❤💯👌

  • dennis scott
    dennis scott 11 months ago+237

    I haven't watched this episode but based on the crowd reaction when DC came out i'm assuming this is a weak crowd.

  • almighty saww
    almighty saww 11 months ago+111

    Lol they low-key roast each other sometimes nobody safe literally

  • Unruly Don
    Unruly Don 11 months ago+235

    Y’all work ethic crazy keep going Netflix special coming !

  • Temoya Myckoo
    Temoya Myckoo 11 months ago+45

    Crowd was so dry 🙄 made me not want to watch it but I did because my boys funny asf

  • Mrszrealist
    Mrszrealist 11 months ago+111

    Always like the video before watching because they never disappoint ✊🏾

  • darius jeter
    darius jeter 11 months ago+89

    (Sing with me)They may not come when ya want them but they'll be here right on time

  • Felix Darteh
    Felix Darteh 11 months ago+68

    Happy to be part of history... these guys will be legends one day 🙌🏿... a fan from the UK

  • Ebony Knight
    Ebony Knight 11 months ago+49

    Karlous always have me laughing everytime he on stage!!!

  • M Frost
    M Frost 11 months ago+128

    Dc Said that Uncle Joke again lmfao

  • Big Fine Nikki
    Big Fine Nikki 11 months ago+59

    I'm tuned in looking at these fools. Bae looking scrumptious as always (karlous )

  • Jay Reed
    Jay Reed 11 months ago+65

    This is what makes it Friday bruh.