70th Emmy Awards: A Celebration for Betty White

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • The Television Academy celebrates the life of Betty White!


  • Tatyana Sanchez 9 months ago


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  • Michaela Castalaña 9 months ago

    Betty is a well-respected woman in the Hollywood business. She should be! We love you Betty White!

  • Mr. Check Yourself 1 months ago

    I hope she makes it to 100

  • Michaela Castalaña 6 months ago

    @Samantha Cole Yep! I remember reading an article about it years ago and it honestly blew my mind!

  • Ciarra Avis 9 months ago

    I think the reason she's stumbling over he words like that is because she's emotional. She's usually steady in her voice.

  • Tom Hardware 15 days ago

    8-Bit Ernie I doubt any that work as much as she does.

  • lovinliverpool 3 months ago

    @Mikey Jamieson My Grandpa died at 91, Great Grandma at 93 and currently my Grandma is 88 and besides my Great Grandma they are/were both steady spoken. My Grandpa still went on his fishing trips right up to the same year he passed as well he cooked big Italian meals, made his own wine, etc so I'm fully aware that seniors are capable of a lot more.

  • Biatch P 9 months ago

    Girl with the cel phone show some respect and put your phone away—it’s Betty White! Bless her 96 years old & still with us!

  • Tiffany Moore 17 days ago

    I was super upset dont give a fuck who it was

  • tracy j. a months ago

    Matt W , insecure much.

  • Kirsten S. 9 months ago

    The fact that she still looks genuinely surprised/happy/grateful coming out on stage is so heartwarming. Such a class act 💜

  • Noel Maldonado 5 months ago

    Kirsten S. Shows how very down to earth she is even though she knows she’s well beloved she’s still humble

  • Maïsha 8 months ago

    @Ellen Kovac She killed that look!

  • Brian Jacob 9 months ago

    She is definitely beginning to show her true age...bless her heart...she is only four years short of being 100 years old. You can hear it in her voice, you can hear how she stumbles on her words. But she's on stage...at the Emmys...looking like the prettiest 96 year old woman you could ever see, and she is as graceful as ever. <3

  • Dolly Rawlins 1 months ago

    @Lippy Witch well she had a stroke and was paralyzed in 2005 so that is over a decade. Zsa Zsa was one of the most glamorous women in Hollywood. People expected her to die much sooner than she did.How long she was fed for I'm not 100% sure I could careless.

  • Lippy Witch 1 months ago

    @Dolly Rawlins she wasnt being " fed for a decade doll. but ya generally you can see when peoples health starts failing.

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  • KATSCHACCC 9 months ago

    She is still sharp in her head and you are the twinkle in her eye's but you see the body just can't keep up with her. I had to cry a little. I listen to the golden girls almost every night to fall asleep. Betty you stole my heart. Stay healthy you can do the 100 💙

  • Tho Hsse 6 months ago

    what are you talking about? She walks without a stick, she looks fantastic - and if you mean her vioce: she caught a cold just before the event.

  • Noe Is Asian -_- 8 months ago

    My heart is breaking when she starts to stutter as it is getting harder for her to talk 😭

  • JemarusVogue 9 months ago

    Her speech made me actually sad. I owe this woman a lot since she kicked me out of depressions with her humor and acting. Seeing her so frail, stumbling in her talking, the voice going higher like having no power to talk... it shows that she is not immortal. And it hurts the most to see the woman you love so much, the woman you feel nothing but admiration and gratefulness, so ... like that. I just hope from the bottom of my heart that it was just a "bad day". That she is at full health for ...

  • Matt W 1 months ago

    You're so sweet

  • Choi Choi 4 months ago

    JemarusVogue You said it yourself, she kicked you out of depression. Death is a natural course. It’s inevitable. I understand where you’re coming from. But remember, it will be people, like you, who will continue her legacy through humor. And what a fun legacy that will be. Have a great day.