How Pregnancy Ruined My Body

  • Published on:  2/7/2019
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  • Mesmin Michel Soungou-tsimou
    Mesmin Michel Soungou-tsimou 2 months ago+2854

    Colleen:I think most of you haven't had a baby😂
    Me:I'm still a kid 😕

  • ClaireAmy
    ClaireAmy 2 months ago+3145

    Colleen before pregnancy : beautiful
    Colleen during pregnancy : beautiful
    Colleen after pregnancy : guess what she's still freaking beautiful

  • Olivia Allen
    Olivia Allen 1 months ago+308

    Ur beautiful DON'T TALK TO UR BODY DISSRESPECTFULLY,ur perfect

  • Just Another Weirdo
    Just Another Weirdo 1 months ago+161

    When I was 9 I started hating my body, and knowing that people judge their bodies at an older age,I’ve heard that I need therapy by my older sister....But I’m glad to see that Colleen recovering and Colleen U Will Always Be Beautiful

  • Hah Gacha
    Hah Gacha 1 months ago+105

    Hello beautiful person scrolling through the comments just remember your perfect just the way you are :)

  • Chloe Woods
    Chloe Woods 3 months ago+405

    Ok... I'm young and have never had a baby... AND YOUR STILL THINNER THAT ME!!!
    i eat to much..... Oof

  • Margaret Schwartz
    Margaret Schwartz 21 days ago+36

    This is my body, what do u think?
    Actually, don’t tell me, I don’t care what u think.
    You go sis!

  • corgisaur06
    corgisaur06 2 months ago+78

    Colleen: It jiggles like ur boobz
    Me: I don't have any
    *looks down

  • Samantha Rodriguez
    Samantha Rodriguez 6 months ago+2269

    Me: How Taco Bell ruined my body

  • Madison.the. Cookie.gachas

    My favorite part was “smooch pooch” flicks hand

  • Dakota Ingraham
    Dakota Ingraham 1 months ago+44

    Girl you rock any body Style 👍👍🤜🤛
    You know what all girls rock all body types. Small 👍. Medium 👍 Big 👍

  • Makenna McKamey
    Makenna McKamey 21 days ago+33

    I love that you are very honest. Also your body is not ruined, just different.

  • Slime Gurl
    Slime Gurl 2 months ago+51

    You should be proud if the amazing mom, wife, sister,daughter, and person you are.

  • Rosie Sugg
    Rosie Sugg 6 months ago+2142

    I love that her stomach looks like mine and I haven’t had a baby😂

  • Ksenia Candy
    Ksenia Candy 1 months ago+43

    I wanna say a HUGE THANK YOU!!❤️ For sharing your story with us! I want you to know that you and your experience helped me so much to overcome postpartum depression🙏🏻😭

  • Llama Lover
    Llama Lover 1 months ago+45

    I love how positive you are Colleen! You brighten up my day and make me feel 😊

  • food for life
    food for life 2 months ago+21

    90%of the comments: colleen:how pregnancy ruined my body, me:how food ruin my body
    10% of the comments:aww you still look pretty

  • Christine DiFranco
    Christine DiFranco 2 months ago+23

    Roses are red🌹🌹,
    Violets are blue💙💙,
    Colleen is still(and always) beautiful
    And so are you
    LOVE YALL THAT SUPPORT COLLEEN!!!!! Have a nice day. 😊😊🙂🙂💖💖💕💕💕

  • Gipson Family
    Gipson Family 4 months ago+2332

    *Colleen: pregnancy ruined my body
    Me:food ruined my body*

  • Shae Garwood
    Shae Garwood 1 months ago+27

    I actually really love colleen’s baby videos they are so educational and she really does tell you every detail about her pregnancy. She is also very supportive and kind and loving to every woman. I think it’s amazing. Love you colleen