How Pregnancy Ruined My Body

  • Published on:  2/7/2019
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  • exenly (Feb 7, 2019)

    *it’s nice how she’s so authentic about everything she talks about*

  • Dreaming Stars (1 day ago)

    exenly I saw you on Sssniperwolf’s channel, Wow you love to travel! :D

  • Gamer 9567 (1 day ago)

    Why do j see you everywhere?

  • Alex (2 days ago)

    Just thought i'd chime in and say thank you for being so candid about your difficult pregnancy. Pregnancy to me is always portrayed almost always as this natural, happy and wonderful experience and i think it's wrong to not show the unhappy and difficult pregnancies - there should be no stigma. Having a hard pregnancy and hating being pregnant doesn't mean you love your baby any less - thank you for helping make that known!

  • Hannah Keasling (3 days ago)

    I love that she was willing to show us her body and that is isn’t perfect but she loves it and also show us that not all after pregnancy bodies become perfect, it takes time and I am so proud of her for making this video😍😍

  • Analiese Natividad (2 days ago)


  • Minii (3 days ago)

    Sure I’m beautiful are you..?read that backwards ☺️

  • Ellie Mendeslol (10 hours ago)

    😱😱😱😱😱😱 thats so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gacha_ Lauren (11 hours ago)


  • lulushanleyxx (4 days ago)

    Who else was thinking she was being Miranda at the beginning 😂

  • Iris M (6 hours ago)

    🤦 the amount of people that don't understand this comment 😂

  • Emma’s World (18 hours ago)

    Christopher Pratt She plays the character of Miranda but this wasn’t a Miranda video. The original commentor said that maybe she was playing her character in the beginning of the video

  • 222Nilya222 Kat (Feb 7, 2019)

    All future dads1) throw the scale out the window

  • Isabella Houk (18 hours ago)

    yasss all men look at this comment

  • nigma21qi (1 day ago)

    +Rumpel Piston most girls are insecure before getting the beans blown up their muff.. what's the difference?

  • Fallon Moore (2 days ago)

    We Stan a beautiful and confident postpartum QUEEN who is flawless and loving her own gorgeous body!!!

  • Chris Chapa (3 days ago)

    Please don’t stop wearing crop tops and high waisted jeans!!!! Never restrict your fashions <3

  • Ashley Frazier (21 hours ago)

    +`ッGraySkyGachaVids choose?? Or choosd

  • Mari IDK (2 days ago)

    I a m l i t t e r a l y t h e s h a p e o f a *CEREAL BOX!!!*

  • Erica Furdi (5 minutes ago)

    Mari IDK hah, *same*

  • Elsie Weitz (2 days ago)

    One of the reasons her tummy got so prominent is because she was so thin and didn't have any muscles that could hold her tummy well. If you want to have less prominent tummy it's good to exercise a lot before getting pregnant, get in a good shape. And then lightly during pregnancy if possible. She also could have felt a bit better during pregnancy if she was physically stronger (muscles, stamina).

  • nope O'really (4 hours ago)

    I wasn't super fit or anything before I got pregnant, but my belly was really small, even though my babies were a normal weight. I think it just depends on where the baby is positioned. Both my babies were positioned more near my back and not up front.