Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back

  • Published on:  9/21/2008
  • Digg: http://digg.com/television/Ricky_Gerv...Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back from Steve Carell during the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards (edited; only includes essential parts).


  • Megult
    Megult 3 years ago+12486

    Steve Carell is such a briljant actor, wow, normally keeping a straight face requires people a couple of takes, but he just keeps it up live. Incredible.

  • Felipe Edoardo
    Felipe Edoardo 2 years ago+3913

    Steve had the hardest time not laughing.

  • pmarion
    pmarion 2 years ago+5793

    "the shoddy remake" joke kind of flew right over the top of the heads of the crowd...

  • Ömür Seçkin
    Ömür Seçkin 3 years ago+7939

    "i sat through Evan Almighty"
    surely he deserves an award for that...

  • Jake Ball
    Jake Ball 3 years ago+1180

    Can't believe no one laughed at "I dont think thats the original emmy, i think thats a shoddy remake" !!?? Did they not get it.. or not hear it...?

  • Tom Stuart
    Tom Stuart 3 years ago+6468

    Colbert and Stewart dying over there cracked me up so bad.

  • G S
    G S 3 years ago+1448

    I thought Steve was pissed until he gave him the trophy

  • GeneralCane
    GeneralCane 4 months ago+439

    That awkward moment when Steve deserves an Emmy for his performance at the Emmys.

  • ShiroiKage009
    ShiroiKage009  3 years ago+2435

    Colbert and Stewart cracking the hell up was just great.

  • Ava Hermann
    Ava Hermann 2 years ago+559

    Rainn Wilson (Dwight) sitting right behind Steve and laughing at 3:10 is the best

  • respeezy
    respeezy 3 years ago+1137

    Man that was pure gold, amazing.

  • Brendan Duncan
    Brendan Duncan 2 years ago+164

    The confidence Ricky has is incredible. Letting the silence ring out like that. Keeps his volume at conversation level for the entire skit. He works a crowd by not working it at all.

  • Scottish But not drunk
    Scottish But not drunk 3 years ago+7110

    thats what Michael Scott would have done

  • Tyler Wolff
    Tyler Wolff 2 years ago+778

    Steve is amazing. I would have been dying laughing.

  • Philippe
    Philippe 2 months ago+83

    Nobody gonna mention that Steve looks into the camera like he was in the office?

  • Bacbi
    Bacbi 3 years ago+194

    steve carell deserves a reward for actually being able to maintain his composure, I think I've seen this clip like once a year pop up on my feed every year I click on it and every year it makes me laugh :p

  • TheCapital-M
    TheCapital-M 2 years ago+95

    give me miami

  • Man's not Bot
    Man's not Bot 4 months ago+103

    The 'shoddy remake' joke sailed clearly over the audience's heads.

  • Rob Green
    Rob Green 2 years ago+183

    i wish the emy went to steve at the end, that would have been the best ending ever

  • HippyMops
    HippyMops 3 days ago+3

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But Most importantly
    He Takes his Emmy bacc