Xbox Project Scarlett Console Announcement | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019



  • satvik pasrija 9 days ago

    No more loading screensGTA: *I'm about to end this man's whole career.*

  • BiggyJ 8 days ago


  • Loco Busters 9 days ago

    So glad the new consoles are coming out with 8k gaming. I can finally play 8k games with my 1080p TV

  • Emmanuel Akalusi 2 hours ago

    @My Penis is unbelievably small, but what attention was he getting this is a comment chain ya moron lmao

  • Dante199006 13 hours ago

    But they didn't actually say it was 8k gaming. They were very specific to not say 4k 120hz gaming or 8k gaming. Just that the console can do up to 120hz and that the console is 8k cable. That could mean anything. It could mean 1080p 120hz and the 8k could mean media. Which is more then likely what it means.

  • Anay Patel 9 days ago

    No more loading screensRockstar: *C O W A B U N G A I T I S*

  • Daniel Garica 8 days ago

    2005: Red ring of fire.2020: Your house is on fire.

  • Oscar Lopez a minute ago


  • Lana Kurda an hour ago

    Oscar Lopez can i see it?

  • Oscar Castro 9 days ago

    10 years from nowWe added loading screen because gamers wanted the nostalgia of gaming, since gaming will always be gamingAnd loading screens.Edit: 500 likes damn, you guys really want those loading screens

  • Diamond Playz 5 days ago

    The crowd be likeWOOOOOOOOOO

  • @Nik A like right now you guys are testing out 16k gaming for us so in a decade we can use it too when it gets cheaper

  • sesshomaru2005 10 days ago

    a console should be designed for gaming..... oh my god , they discover fire.

  • They discovered America

  • Nathan IJpma 4 days ago

    You can respect the fact that he's willing to listen right? How many corporations do that nowadays...

  • JuiceExtraction 9 days ago

    “A console should be designed for gaming”You don’t say?

  • The Xbox One launch has got to be one of the worst in history...

  • koila maoh 6 days ago

    It'll come with ads...

  • FREE Will Dummies! 9 days ago


  • FloridaBlaze 9 days ago

    Xbox: No loading screensElder Scrolls 6: hahaha yeah right.

  • Gewdvibes 8 days ago

    FloridaBlaze well it’s always up to the developer, of Bethesda sticks with the same old ancient shitty engine then of course there will be loading screens, maybe a lot shorter but there will be loading screens. Games that are designed like GTA V or The Witcher 3 will seem seamless because of the fast asset streaming

  • Niasom 9 days ago

    Microsoft: Never seen before - frame rates up to 120 fps!PC players: *watch me play minecraft at 420 fps*

  • Konaa 16 hours ago

    I Do Not Associate With Niggurs no, I know that but it’s not hard to achieve on pc at all on some games

  • @Konaa 120 is great df is wrong with you?