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  • Published on:  10/7/2018
  • Making a composite bow from buffalo horn, sinew, and wood.The bow was made in 9 months, including seasoning time, based on drawings and descriptions of a Ming dynasty bow design called Xiaoshao gong. It is 55 pound at 30 inch.https://www.facebook.com/zwemetalwork/


  • Jeff Wulf
    Jeff Wulf 8 months ago+719

    me- "That's perfect, can't be any better than that.." (adds snake-skin) - WOW.

  • Eye Dupppz
    Eye Dupppz 6 months ago+65

    The ultimate weapon against VEGANS!

  • TheHitchiker42
    TheHitchiker42 6 months ago+91

    As I watched the video, I was amazed by the craftsmanship that it took to take this from a pile of raw materials to a fine bow. But then I read the comments, people questioning value, criticizing the time, (9 months was the construction time, not the hours spent building this work or art), others complaining about other posts, everything from someone being stupid for thinking the bow has one value while someone else seems to think they can but a better bow off Amazon, or some strange reference to some guy's daughter.
    The value of an item is only what someone would be willing to pay for it. From the comments here, the value would only be a few dollars as most of the comments are from those that don't understand the value of craftsmanship, but for those that do, and there are a few, the value would be a whole lot higher.
    I have seen articles where "works of art" go for millions, I look at the item and I'm not impressed. But just because I'm not, it doesn't mean that it has no value, and I wouldn't comment. But others here are quick to criticize.
    So, to sum it up, if you don't have something nice to say,,,,,,,
    Just my thoughts,

  • davesyerdaddy /
    davesyerdaddy / 6 months ago+14

    I am literally in awe over his abilities and techniques that are used here!!
    There ain't no iPhone app for this people....set the electronics down and let your hands and nature combine to create as they were intended to do!!!

  • David G
    David G 7 months ago+39

    This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen in YouTube... I've never wanted a bow so badly in my life.. Haha

  • Ha Tu viet
    Ha Tu viet 10 months ago+303

    He is my older brother!

  • jasmijn ariel
    jasmijn ariel 7 months ago+82

    My toughts at 18:50 dont break, DONT BREAK!

  • Rhune
    Rhune 7 months ago+3

    Ah, yes, the most important part of crafting a bow - the obligatory kitten-attacking-fern. Wouldn't be complete without it.

  • Chimelementa
    Chimelementa 2 months ago+5

    People forget the importance of bows for human beings. After the invention of spear, that remained an important tool for humans, that pushed us on the top, this was the greatest breakthrough in survival technology. And this is a composite bow, good for long range efficient archery. Truly what a craftsmanship, the best I can do is make a rough simple FLIMSY wooden bow with milkweed string lol.

  • UndrState
    UndrState 7 months ago+36

    Glad this came up on my recommendeds , subbed .

  • Rebel1280
    Rebel1280 7 months ago+738

    Adds snake skin: +5 Poison and +5 DEX

  • Todd Hageman
    Todd Hageman 7 months ago+115

    Some will find this vid boring but I think it is fascinating. What a craftsman!

  • Katherine Uribe
    Katherine Uribe 7 months ago+11

    Absolutely gorgeous piece of work; real art and craftsmanship. So rare these days.

  • Dan and hobbies
    Dan and hobbies 21 days ago+1

    The amount of patience is unparalleled to any average person, especially the people that make ignorant comments. I'm still a beginner boyer for fun. I make bows strictly from wood, and it takes time and patience, and for me it is hard to have both, and when you have no patience your make mistakes and break bows, I have over ten broken bows and only 3 working ones. I can't imagine how frustrated he must have felt making his first few horn bows and breaking them if he did. congrats on keeping functional tradition alive.

  • Kalihan Mclean
    Kalihan Mclean 4 months ago+1

    Your channel is awesome my guy keep it up!!!

  • Vxxex
    Vxxex 7 months ago+614

    I thought I clicked the wrong video in the beginning.

  • Diego Galindo
    Diego Galindo 6 months ago+3

    Amazing job man. This bow has no price. This guy had gold hands

  • Ananas Morrouz
    Ananas Morrouz 7 months ago+24

    Видео 24 минуты, ни разу не перемотал, правду говорят. На работающего человека можно смотреть вечно

  • norwegiangadgetman
    norwegiangadgetman 6 months ago+9

    Then I wept for I knew that I would never be able to hold in my hands.

  • Dejan Jevremovic
    Dejan Jevremovic 6 months ago+1

    Beautiful, I'm thrilled. I am from Serbia where archery is not a sport but I love it