Andy Reid's Playoff Past, Frank Gore Is Amazing, & Carson's Fumbling Issues | The Lefkoe Show

  • Published on:  9/25/2019
  • Westbrook and Lefkoe are back for a delightful mid-week conversation about... kinda whatever's on their mind after the Week 3 slate of games. Which running backs, in Eagles legend Brian Westbrook's estimate, are for real, and which ones are fraudulent? Which 3-0 team is facing a possible upset this week? And why is Frank Gore "the hardest worker" Westbrook has ever seen? Find out on The Lefkoe Show. Keep coming back, 33%!!

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    2:30 Westbrook defends his take that Dalvin Cook is the best RB in the NFL
    3:37 Can Westbrook name the 8 undefeated NFL teams off the top of his head?
    6:00 Tom Brady has more wins at Buffalo’s home stadium than any Bills QB
    7:00 The Lions could put up some points against the Chiefs
    9:40 Sean McDermott is one of the smartest coaches from the 15-1 Panthers team
    12:00 Westbrook never saw a moment where he thought Sean McDermott would become a head coach
    13:40 Westbrook says sloppy play from teams, especially penalties falls on the coach
    17:40 The Bradys, Watts and Fitzgeralds of the world are the exception to the rule in terms of work ethic
    18:20 Westbrook had a major chip on his shoulder after being a 3rd round draft pick
    21:00 Westbrook: Andy Reid is definitely aware of his lack of playoff legacy
    26:28 Lefkoe compares the Chiefs to the movie “300”
    30:03 Westbrook tries to name the 5 RBs ahead of him on Yards from Scrimmage in 2006
    33:00 Westbrook says Frank Gore is the hardest working RB he’s ever seen
    36:45 Westbrook says Frank Gore is definitely a Hall of Famer
    40:42 LeSean McCoy as a 20-year old rookie was a change-of-pace star already
    41:57 Three RBs that are frustrating people in fantasy: Mixon, Conner, Carson.
    48:15 What’s wrong with Joe Mixon?
    51:31 Chris Carson has had three fumbles in three games
    52:40 Westbrook describes exactly how to hold the ball without fumbling
    54:08 The stigma of being a RB who fumbles
    57:00 49ers coach made Westbrook hold a football the whole practice long, and if a defender hits it out, you had to run laps
    58:00 Melvin Gordon could return to play sooner rather than later
    1:03:40 If you want to protect the quarterback? Get a damn running game!
    1:06:04 What is happening in the Jaguars locker room?
    1:10:20 Breaking down the biggest Week 4 games

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