Top 5 iOS 12 Features!

  • Published on:  6/7/2018
  • iOS 12 actually has some A+ new features - here they're all in one place!Dat iOS 12 wallpaper: X Review: Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.comVideo Gear I use: I'm using right now: Track: Delta by C2C~


  • coffee keeps me going
    coffee keeps me going a years ago+5235

    “Hey Siri, you know what time it is”
    opens incognito tab

  • Tommy Lau
    Tommy Lau a years ago+213

    Bring dark mode to ios please!

  • Technical House
    Technical House a years ago+1003

    "Hey Siri, create a shortcut to
    "Android Assistant"😂

  • Julio Rod
    Julio Rod 11 months ago+320

    iPhone needs split screen/view multi tasking.

  • I & L Danger Room Reviews —Isaac B

    “Fix the rest of Siri”.
    Bruh, apparently you have not tried to use Bixby. The Note 9 needs something on the Siri-level, because it sucks.

  • FutureNow
    FutureNow a years ago+3133

    Oh god, are we going to start having MeMoji vloggers?

  • Sumit Shibib
    Sumit Shibib a years ago+86

    “Would like to be able to act on notifications while on the notifications tray”? “Couple years down the line”?
    Try 3D Touch on the notifications. Smh.

  • Lt ChugaCast
    Lt ChugaCast a years ago+8

    Ok...imma try to explain this as nicely as I can.
    Siri isn’t going to hit the same level as other personal assistants. For one main reason: User Privacy. Google and Android record your search queries in order to be proactive your next potential request. This data mining is labeled with your name and user ID and it is most definitely used to target ads and tweak algorithms.
    Siri on the other hand doesn’t do that. Every Siri request is given an anonymous random serial number, before the request is sent to a server and the answer returned. This is why you need internet to use it. There’s only a couple things that are really stored by Siri for each user. Voice recognition data in order to compensate for dialects and recognize things like “hey Siri” and whatever you tell Siri to refer to you as.

  • Movie Games
    Movie Games a years ago+195

    Top iOS 12 Feature: Ability to run Fortnite.
    Checkmate, Android scrubs.

  • Wes The Gamer
    Wes The Gamer a years ago+67

    Was that Yondu?

  • Adam Skrzymowski
    Adam Skrzymowski a years ago+1226

    Dwayne Johnson in iMessage...

  • briannant
    briannant 10 months ago+6

    You can respond to text messages in the Notification Center. I just hold down the message and respond.

  • Thot BOT
    Thot BOT 10 months ago+2

    Hey Siri I'm alone

  • Redmag 706
    Redmag 706 a years ago+14

    Guyz its not memoji its memeoji

  • hexlgaming
    hexlgaming a years ago+103

    so now I genuinely want an iPhone.. :)

  • BokehMaster
    BokehMaster a years ago+677

    3d touch notifications and voila, dude!

  • Noobie747
    Noobie747 3 months ago+1

    Will my phone be un jailbroken after updating it? That's the purpose for me

  • Neon Eagle
    Neon Eagle a years ago+15

    So everybody is gonna buy an iPhone X for their own Memoji.

  • King
    King 11 months ago+7

    Love my pixel 2 xl so much, iPhone x is 2nd

  • markomal123
    markomal123 a years ago+440

    animoji and so many other useless things -new emojis.. and so on.... why are they putting so much time and effort into making those.. i will never understand that..
    they bring 0 value to the device. 0 usefulness..