The Gifted Season 2 | Mutant Underground Trailer

  • Published on:  9/11/2018
  • Do you fight for the Mutant Underground? Take a stand and watch The Gifted - September 25 on FOX. ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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  • Francesco Ramicani
    Francesco Ramicani 1 months ago

    It was very interesting and entertaining. Personages are legends. I've seen the series this weekend on boxxy software!

  • Gray Fullbuster
    Gray Fullbuster 1 months ago

    why is blink's hair more curly?

  • lye pearl
    lye pearl 2 months ago

    What is the ending song when Polaris gave birth?

  • kevin palma
    kevin palma 2 months ago

    Does anyone know the mutants at 0:21 ?? I really need to know for something I’m planning to do with these mutants! Please someone answer with either the actor or mutant!

  • PrincessSarah
    PrincessSarah 2 months ago

    I’m ready and I’m hyped LETS GO

  • tthpf
    tthpf 2 months ago

    Oh my God Lauren's Shields are Golden!!!
    PS Who else wants Lauren to be called SHIELD?

  • Rêd Riot
    Rêd Riot 2 months ago

    This is my favorite Series

  • Oyekanmi Fawwaz
    Oyekanmi Fawwaz 2 months ago

    Now THIS is a trailer

  • Саша Антонюк

    Нарешті хочаб щось.
    Давно очікую цього серіалу.

  • Fa Ping
    Fa Ping 2 months ago

    1.7k people finished the dishes.

  • Juju Bear
    Juju Bear 3 months ago

    I’m with the underground all the way

  • Frir10
    Frir10 3 months ago+1

    This feels a lot like the the second season of Heroes. I hope they know what they're doing.

  • MrMisterman1
    MrMisterman1 3 months ago

    I'm always on the Mutant Underground's side. I prefer to fight with people who AREN'T insane

  • Willian Patrezio
    Willian Patrezio 3 months ago

    O Brasil espera por você, linda série!!!

  • Adrian Morrow
    Adrian Morrow 3 months ago+1

    33 people didn't finish the dishes

  • thegamingnoob LOL
    thegamingnoob LOL 3 months ago+1

    As much as I wanna join them I cant.... It wont be the same without lorna,
    BTW, I'm team inner circle

  • BMV The Movie Fanatic
    BMV The Movie Fanatic 3 months ago

    Is the brother a bad guy now or something. I stopped watchin half way through season one.

  • Vlad the Impaler
    Vlad the Impaler 3 months ago

    Is this show any good?

  • Screative 31
    Screative 31 3 months ago+1

    It would be so fun 😵

  • jerrylharbin
    jerrylharbin 3 months ago+1

    I think we may see Wanda this season