Shocking US Open final as Serena Williams loses, breaks her racket



  • Raghukul Junior. 9 months ago

    I am surprised she didn't blame trump

  • Letsheia hanson 5 days ago

    The fuck that suppose to mean

  • Xenus Nexus 2 months ago

    Take my like already.

  • Beth Digout 9 months ago

    Couldn't pull the race card, so she pulled the sexism card to try and get her way, real classy Williams, real classy.

  • Kevin Johnson a months ago

    im disappointed she didn't say she was getting f...k because she is a blk female not just a female..

  • mustacheman grey 1 months ago

    Cant pull the race card cos they both the same color..hahaha

  • JeffTheDude777 9 months ago

    Well. Her initials are SJW...

  • MyPumpkin00 11 days ago

    Holy shit😂😂😂

  • Xenus Nexus 2 months ago

    Holy smokes!

  • Om Prakash 9 months ago

    She didn't use race card. Lost opportunity 😂😂

  • Antonio Cavero 1 months ago

    we are in 2019 and racism exist in USA ? i think we live in peace now under one same love sky ! i hope liberty equality and fraternity for all of you people of US and rest of this beautiful world

  • Kunal Puthran 2 months ago

    @Sinjin Smyth What abt half ur population being born in back seat of a car 😁😁 😁Maybe u were delivered d same way as well 😁😁

  • Jamie Grainger 9 months ago

    Having a daughter has nothing to do with cheating 😂😂😂How did this get so many likes?

  • Danna J 17 days ago

    the fact that you're thirsty for likes what she said was due to her anger and mental breakdown on the court

  • Urgehal Mephisto 18 days ago

    Typical Serena Ni*ger attitude... Bye Ni*ger.

  • Sarah 9 months ago

    I feel so sorry for Naomi, she really didn't deserve to be be booed at, she played an amazing game. Her win was ruined by Serena's childish behavior.

  • Drew Pierce 13 days ago

    It'll all come back around when Serena contracts arthritis

  • Juanita Stew 1 months ago

    @Enzo 1965 because Sascha/Osaka combo was Serena's kryptonite and she knew it

  • Paras Nain 9 months ago

    It makes me sad that Naomi has to cry and apologised for winning. Naomi did not get the credit she deserved for winning just because Serena can’t follow the rules. Stealing the limelight from Naomi she then goes onto argue it’s because she’s a woman. Owe please, your doing this whilst playing another woman.

  • aileen dorgan-sheehy 1 months ago

    @Enzo 1965 please elaborate. I'm being subjective or your being subjective

  • Enzo 1965 1 months ago

    @aileen dorgan-sheehy Judging: Subjective.

  • Blaster 9 months ago

    "I NEVER CHEATED, I HAVE A DAUGHTER"...How pathetic can a man, pardon, a woman be...

  • Kevin Johnson a months ago

    and her half sister was shot dead in Compton poor thing huh?

  • Enzo 1965 1 months ago

    Women don't cheat.😉

  • To be honest, the umpire doesn't owe Serena an apology. Serena is the one who should apologize to the umpire. I actually don't know why the audience was booing when Osaka won the title. Osaka won the title fair and square. She was the first Japanese woman to win a grand slam title. Congratulations Osaka! 😀

  • leonthesleepy 8 months ago

    Using the sexism card....when your opponent is a woman. Ok.