Adventure Time | Finale: Characters' First and Last Lines | Cartoon Network



  • Dolan Curls
    Dolan Curls 6 hours ago

    Hey, babe! Beep beep!

  • Dolan Curls
    Dolan Curls 6 hours ago

    Haha, welp. Time to dry my tears and watch the entire thing all over again. Bye guys, wish me luck

  • Doctor Fox
    Doctor Fox 15 hours ago

    So sad :(

  • RobbieCake
    RobbieCake 17 hours ago

    Mr. Mertins, I'm not doing so good...

  • Alyssa Claire
    Alyssa Claire 19 hours ago


  • c s
    c s 21 hours ago+2

    Hey!!!! You c-cant say I'm crying, y-your the on-

  • Brenda Moreno
    Brenda Moreno 22 hours ago+4

    Ice King was a major character development

  • vivid
    vivid 23 hours ago+5

    mmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMCHECK PLEASE

  • Mr. Brightside
    Mr. Brightside yesterday+10

    *MmMmM ChEcK pLeAsE*

  • Sean McKeegan
    Sean McKeegan yesterday+6

    First Regular Show and then Adventure Time... Yep Cartoon Network is officially dead.

  • 《 Spring 》
    《 Spring 》 yesterday+1


  • Emotional Eliot
    Emotional Eliot yesterday+4

    This hurts me.

  • Clint Gibson
    Clint Gibson yesterday

    Rip my childhood

  • ElmoDaBest
    ElmoDaBest yesterday

    I’m not crying you are

  • Potato guy is number one

    0:562 things are wrong with this, 1st of all where did she get explosive diarrhea from? And 2nd diarrhea makes candy look nice?

  • Dan the Intellectual
    Dan the Intellectual 2 days ago+2

    It’s been about 6 years since I’ve last seen this show.

  • Ichiya
    Ichiya 3 days ago

    This is making me sad

  • Erin Jackson
    Erin Jackson 3 days ago

    Betty's first words were about wanting Simon back and her last words were about just wanting to protect Simon

  • Charziken
    Charziken 3 days ago+3

    This show premiered on my 13th birthday, and I watched it for a solid few seasons until we couldn't afford cable anymore. I was able to catch an episode here and there at a buddies place, but was never able to get the full experience, and I regret that. Even though I probably only saw around half the series, I still easily consider the show part of me growing up.

  • lord Berrus
    lord Berrus 3 days ago+1