Game Theory: Why Eevee is the MISSING LINK to Pokemon Evolution!

  • Published on:  11/29/2018
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  • The Game Theorists
    The Game Theorists  8 months ago+9446

    Yes, I know I misspoke about the Leaf Stone bit at the end, but the whole "level up in a mossy area" way to get a Leafeon still works with epigenetics. The environment of "mossy" or special areas are acting as the environment triggers to UNLOCK the genetic code. Fighting in a mossy area is forcing the Eevee to evolve in that direction to improve their battle prowess specifically in those environments, hence the genes becoming unlocked.

  • Estela Mariñas
    Estela Mariñas 7 months ago+1677

    Know what MatPat, you make science interesting. Why can't my teachers be like you?

  • Pug Plays99
    Pug Plays99 4 months ago+1048

    At the intro I thought my iPad broke 😂

  • Toby Breakbones
    Toby Breakbones 5 months ago+584

    I actually said this to my teacher and he was speechless for a few minutes then said "just learn the stuff out of your book"

  • Shadowpastcool
    Shadowpastcool 4 months ago+520

    Oh hey, Mat, next Pokemon episode explain, explain how a turtle "grows" metal water cannons?

  • Eyeless Comics
    Eyeless Comics 2 months ago+244

    turtle: exists
    me: throws a ball at it GROW CANNONS

  • Aiden The Green Stone Knight

    [Me At 12AM]
    Okay...I need to fall asleep...
    [Me At 12:30AM]
    *watching matpat videos*

  • Kasey Butcher
    Kasey Butcher 4 months ago+187

    Coincidentally I just took a college exam on epigenetics and may I say, you are spot on. Good job with your research!

  • Mann Von Österreich
    Mann Von Österreich 2 months ago+87

    ... Pretty Good but
    Why is there a Robot Hacking You?

  • Russell Henderson
    Russell Henderson 3 months ago+51

    Can you make a theory on Greninja's battle bond ability.

  • Gypsy Alegheri
    Gypsy Alegheri 4 months ago+147


  • CreepstaHunta
    CreepstaHunta 4 months ago+84

    From now on I'm not going to say I evolved my Pokemon I'm going to say I epigenticed them

  • Echo497
    Echo497 3 months ago+82

    I thought my phone was having a stroke during the glitchy intro part

  • Jack EAG
    Jack EAG 4 months ago +39

    "and his hair will turn brown"
    grows an afro

  • Cenzored
    Cenzored 8 months ago+748

    I can’t wait to force my cat to battle so that it grows into a giant cat with mini guns. Thanks MatPat!

  • puggaming#1
    puggaming#1 2 months ago+24

    Sees a pale agauti mouse
    Also me: HEEE THICCC BOI

  • AverageJoe bro
    AverageJoe bro 4 months ago+56

    I cant stand how intelligent this is, I am studying health and fitness management alongside chemistry and genetic predetermination for physical ability is a huge focus and epigenetics get touched on often.

  • WorldLine 1.130209
    WorldLine 1.130209 2 months ago+35

    14:00 Yay! I can finally correct all of my pokemon loving friends!

  • PlodingZ .mp4
    PlodingZ .mp4 2 months ago+17

    Matpat: You cant make your pikachu a vaporeon

  • Maryam Khan
    Maryam Khan 8 months ago+438

    Eevee is superior to pikachu
    Fight me
    Or hug me....idk