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  • Published on:  6/27/2018
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  • Sela Yang 12 months ago


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  • mochi's girl 12 months ago

    I'm late where the late squad at

  • Saniia Gooseby 11 months ago

    crybaby fan here

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  • stories start at 8:19 for anyone who wants to know

  • Tookat 10 months ago

    It's AlexBot thanks

  • Alpaca _OUO 10 months ago

    It's AlexBot Omg thx lol

  • Rajesh Jain 12 months ago

    Please restart ghost guides and something scary.... I love that...... 😢😢

  • Clara Saunders 11 months ago

    Rajesh Jain same

  • Kimberly Smith 12 months ago

    Rajesh Jain I agree

  • Chewby Acca 12 months ago

    Soo... I'm gonna sound like an ass, could we still get the episode version? Don't get me wrong you're beautiful and a wonderful YouTuber but I like the animation lol

  • Gem Rose 8 months ago

    Omg finally. You're the only person who asked nicely. Other people just say "I want moreee"

  • Anonoumous Tiger 11 months ago

    You may sound a little rude, but you are correct.😐🐯

  • The Smart Kookie 12 months ago

    Wow all the ARMYs in the chat 😂

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    Silver Fox Thats rude of you to say..

  • Johnny Lopez 11 months ago

    The Smart Kookie I hate armys

  • Aniya Bryant 12 months ago

    I love you and I miss you something scary why did you stop it broke my heart

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    Aniya Bryant host club 😋😋

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    frik im too late

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    mr. JONSON same

  • Gacha Nikki 12 months ago

    When will you make more episodes of your little show I really want more

  • Winx forever 11 months ago

    Are you going to post scary stories-.-Plzzzzzzzz post