Village Food in Malaysia - UNIQUE Malaysian Food in Terengganu, Malaysia

  • Published on:  2/24/2019
  • Watch more Malaysian food videos: for 2 new videos every weekT-shirts and caps: thanks to Pett:, MALAYSIA - After an outstanding Malaysian street food tour in Terengganu the day before, the next day we took a day trip to Kuala Berang, a city of Terengganu known again for their tempoyak (fermented durian paste).As you may know by now, I’m more than a little obsessed with tempoyak.Restoran Aroma Kampung - We started the morning with breakfast at Restoran Aroma Kampung known for their freshwater catfish curry with tempoyak. We also ordered pretty much all the other dishes they offered, and the food was spectacular.Total price - 40 MYR ($9.81)Warisan Pahlawan Resort - But the real highlight of Malay food for the day was going to Warisan Pahlawan Resort where the Aunty is known as one of the best local food cooks in Kuala Berang. Again, she prepared for us local Malaysian food from Kuala Berang, nearly everything dish including huge amounts of fermented durian paste (tempoyak). It was a Malaysian meal of my dreams. She also wanted to cook for us a dish of bilimbi fruit, simmered with coconut milk, which was incredible.This home-cooked village meal in Terengganu was one of the best meals of this trip to Malaysia. I loved the herbs, the Vietnamese coriander, the torch ginger, and of course, the fermented durian paste.Thank you for watching this Malaysian food video in Terengganu. If you haven’t already, you can watch the entire series here: GEAR I used to make this video (these are affiliate links):Main camera: lens: you for watching!


  • Cherry Alexander
    Cherry Alexander 5 months ago+635

    I know many have said this before but I truly respect and appreciate Mark covering Malay cuisines in his Malaysia series. Most people just stick to Jalan Alor, Malacca, Penang...most of the time they don't even try ANY Malay cuisines which is a big lost because it is after all MALAYsia.

  • Safia Moallim
    Safia Moallim 5 months ago+147

    Have you ever loved a country so much, but you haven't even been there yet? That's Malaysia for me! Every video I see of Malaysia's beauty, culture and food makes me yearn to go there. Hopefully someday soon🙏🙏 another great video Mark! Your Malaysia series is hands down my absolute favourite! Greetings from Canada!

  • Wise Hero
    Wise Hero 5 months ago+157

    My parents went to Malaysia last year and they said Malaysia was a food emporium. Food stalls, street food, exotic fruits and restaurants everywhere with various flavours. Meals are cheap too by North American standards.

  • Arthur twosheds
    Arthur twosheds 5 months ago+63

    Shouldn't watch this when hungry . Going to cost me an airline ticket .

  • Dhavid Claudius Gunawan
    Dhavid Claudius Gunawan 5 months ago+35

    oh men.. makanan melayu memang the best deh.. sending love from Indonesia :)

  • philosophis
    philosophis 5 months ago+84

    Mark's doing a great job promoting Malaysia especially Malaysian cuisine to the world. Tourism Malaysia should give him an award and appoint him as a travel ambassador since his famous and his video are watch by millions across the globe.
    I'm sure many foreigners are eager to try tempoyak after watching Mark's video. Hope the price of tempoyak will not skyrocket!!

  • noreen hisham
    noreen hisham 5 months ago+77

    Mark, everytime you bite into Tempoyak, I imagine Im tasting it myself all the way here in The Netherlands! Missing my home country food very much. Thank you for hunting down the truly local Malay flavours in your Malaysia series. You are the truest form of a foodie!

  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel 5 months ago+69

    Hi Mark. Just wanted to let you know Joel is a Great cameraman

  • WrongTurn
    WrongTurn 5 months ago+38

    This houses there look pretty unique, like the wood carvings panels and things, original rustic 100%.

  • Alpha Views
    Alpha Views 5 months ago+54

    I know this is a food channel but the homes & the area in this video & some others are so beautiful a little bit more on them & the area you are in would be amazing.

  • gulnar asif
    gulnar asif 5 months ago+18

    Planning to visit Malaysia soon... In Sha Allah... Love from India

  • nicky sherland
    nicky sherland 5 months ago+37

    I was wondering why I'm enjoying this video so much. I love the rain but I love food even more. This is one of the best videos I've watched. I must go here, I owe it to my taste buds. Thanks Mark!

  • Davidsbeenhere
    Davidsbeenhere 5 months ago+133

    damn dude that fish curry looks extraordinary!

  • Sir SadrÜ
    Sir SadrÜ 5 months ago +49

    I love how they live with their cultures in peaceful.

  • zeeshan mahmood
    zeeshan mahmood 5 months ago+35

    i love the way Mark give respect all the cultures he is very humble stay bless... You are doing a good job...

  • Cherry Cabanes Pacaldo
    Cherry Cabanes Pacaldo 5 months ago+47

    Quite interesting dishes..wanna try those on my next visit..terima kaseh Mark for the infos 🤩🇵🇭 🇲🇾

  • Evangeline Wood
    Evangeline Wood 5 months ago+26

    Loving this Malaysian food tour that you’ve been posting Mark. I also appreciate in learning the cultures and
    how these wonderful Malaysian women showing yourself & your followers ho to cook these local dishes of Malaysia . Enjoy watching everything about Malaysia. Not to mention the scenery. So, keep it coming.
    Thank you for the educational part of it. 😋😊👍🏼❤️

  • Vegas Mendoza'
    Vegas Mendoza' 5 months ago+124

    Every place he visits outside of USA they use alot of fresh herbs, and spices. And be full of flavor, here in America it's mostly imitation in a bottle and loaded with sodium and greasy😟😟

  • Abu Huzaifah
    Abu Huzaifah 5 months ago+119

    Kemah keming dok gogeh sikit teganu ite

  • EME Joy
    EME Joy 5 months ago+41

    This is looks amazing ,i bet malaysian food is the most cultural food ever ,it s funny how you aalways say the aroma of this ,the aroma of that hahaha