73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue



  • Chelsee Darla 20 days ago

    Interviewer: what’s your favorite thing about your house? Kanye: it’s mine

  • simiracle 5 days ago

    but isn't she right tho?

  • Interviewer: What’s your favorite thing about the sea?Kayne: the water

  • PolaroidFreak 600 3 days ago

    no its the fish

  • jacinta konyak 19 days ago

    Kim: there is no lazy dayMe: everyday is a lazy day

  • lil nigga 13 hours ago

    jacinta konyak u should change your lifestyle, dude))))

  • Emilie Maria 16 days ago

    Interviewer: What 3 words best describe youKim: i hate describing myselfMe: thats 4 words

  • ᎷᏰᏦ3 13 hours ago

    Emilie Maria i don’t can’t be a word!!!>

  • Melvira Dias 17 days ago

    Who else came here after watching 73 questions with Zendaya...Edit : oh wow! Didn't expect so many likes 💜

  • Jegaim 21 hours ago

    Not me

  • lala 29 days ago

    Can we do 73 Questions With The Guy Who Does 73 Questions?

  • ᎷᏰᏦ3 13 hours ago


  • stream kpop 2 days ago


  • Girl Gamer 18 days ago

    If I got adidas socks and headphones I’d be thrilled

  • Ruby Whitfield an hour ago

    You wouldn’t be if you were a multi millionaire sis

  • sophi rose b 14 days ago

    There house is so empty and scary😳

  • Indah Wulandari 10 hours ago

    I have 12 niece .... So I know minimalist large room is the best environment for kids

  • LSD-Rick B-172 3 days ago

    @Umme Salma Tahir very unhomely

  • KangaWangas !!! 17 days ago

    Interviewer: favourite thing about lifeKanye: the living part

  • Meme Squad 11 days ago

    interviewer: So Kanye, how'd she react to your giftKanye: um,,, she reacted

  • Michelle Zepeda 15 days ago

    Jajajaja Can't stop laughing

  • sana munshi 18 days ago

    I'm sure the interviewer couldn't wait till it was over! Full of awkward moments

  • Lantera Nareswara 3 days ago

    OMG for real tho, this video makes me anxious