Test Driving Extreme Watercraft | OOO With Brent Rose | WIRED



  • CashewNut Games
    CashewNut Games 14 days ago+189

    I love the Ferrari badge with a seahorse not a horse 😂

  • Renat De Maverick
    Renat De Maverick a years ago+611

    it's a water jet fighter!! why the NAVY ain't getting this!!!???

  • Job de Leeuw
    Job de Leeuw a years ago+383

    Now THIS is podracing.

  • Retro radio
    Retro radio a years ago+641

    The seabreacher looks like a bond vehicle

  • SmilesAreDaggers
    SmilesAreDaggers a years ago+471

    80,000$$$ for that is NOT bad, thats a LOT of tech engineering and time in an awesome package

  • Boogieforme
    Boogieforme a years ago+155

    "There's even a manatee, for some reason" For some reason? EXCUSE ME?!

  • SYED &uss!in
    SYED &uss!in 8 months ago+75

    I thought it was gonna be like 200,00$ but 80k that a steal (but I still can't afford it😭😭😭)

  • Nat A
    Nat A a years ago+85

    What have i learnt? That i am poor

  • Makin Turjo
    Makin Turjo a years ago+156

    I freaking love this series. and this dude is so cool

  • AppleJax.
    AppleJax. 14 hours ago+1

    Opressor MK II Watersport Edition

  • Joseph Bell
    Joseph Bell 19 hours ago

    The water bike thingy reminds me of Rocket League when it goes in the air and does air rolls 😂

  • Jackson Savage
    Jackson Savage yesterday

    It feels uncomfortable when the drive with open windows

  • Braxton
    Braxton 11 months ago+34

    Where’s mine in gta online

  • Paranoid Vision
    Paranoid Vision 14 days ago+9

    If I ever win the lottery, the first one is the first thing I’m gonna buy

  • AppleTea
    AppleTea yesterday+1

    Tell em to bring me my Money

  • khairil syahmi
    khairil syahmi 5 months ago+10

    Who else want to try it but its not available in your country

  • Duey
    Duey 7 days ago+4

    Lmao he holds his breath the first time he goes underwater. Habit, I suppose.

  • Bryant Nojang
    Bryant Nojang yesterday+1

    Fun fact the super car is based of the LaFerrari FXXK

  • MissLilyputt
    MissLilyputt a years ago+62

    At 4:34 best part of video. The Space Balls reference is amazing. Is he married? He could be my future husband.

  • C4M0K41
    C4M0K41 4 months ago+4

    0:40 soviet flag in the back