Apple Watch Series 4 hands-on

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • Apple unveiled its Apple Watch Series 4 line of smartwatches today and the changes are immediately obvious. It’s the first major design overhaul of the Watch since its debut more than three years ago. The Watch’s screen now goes nearly edge-to-edge, thanks to a larger display which also lets watchOS 5 show more information through Apple’s built-in app complications.Subscribe: The Verge on Facebook: on Twitter: on Instagram: More: http://www.theverge.comCommunity guidelines: to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science:


  • 805Arreola
    805Arreola 11 months ago+531

    Imagine being drunk and falling and then finding yourself in jail thanks Siri

  • daniel guerra
    daniel guerra 11 months ago+299

    The Apple Watch is becoming the main reason to have an iPhone

  • BiohazardGA
    BiohazardGA 11 months ago+324

    This watch is actually really nice looking. Most impressed about that.
    Although the phones... expensive for a minor upgrade which just doesn't give me enough reason to jump.

  • The Enthusiasm Project
    The Enthusiasm Project 11 months ago+1592

    THIS is the only thing I was excited about from today!

  • 210772106
    210772106 11 months ago+669

    RIP to everyone that bought a series 3 last year including myself

  • applefanatic414
    applefanatic414 11 months ago +691

    I have little interest and have no plans to buy a smartwatch, but the Series 4 was by far the most impressive part of the event for me. Being able to take an ECG is pretty huge.

  • RoCk-N-PaRtY
    RoCk-N-PaRtY 11 months ago+349

    I’m gonna be upgrading to the series 4 and I’m coming from the original Apple Watch

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 11 months ago+538

    The force is strong with this one . Steve Jobs may be impressed .

  • Patrick Goppold
    Patrick Goppold 11 months ago+235

    The want is strong in this one.

  • Daniel Yeggoni
    Daniel Yeggoni 11 months ago+57

    Apple watch features
    2018 : ECG
    2019 : Angioplasty
    2020 : Bypass Surgery
    2021: Funeral arrangements

  • Cody Culp
    Cody Culp 11 months ago+97

    Not impressed with the new iPhones but for some reason this thing looks sooo nice

  • 난감
    난감 11 months ago+171

    How can the Apple Watch is more exiting than 3 iPhones??

  • Grten3
    Grten3 11 months ago+106

    It’s soo beautiful but so expensive 😭

  • really?
    really? 11 months ago+12

    Finally, i can buy the series 1 now

  • Donony
    Donony 11 months ago+62

    This is absolutely bananas! They can have the phone, but the stainless steel gold is mine!

  • Liz J
    Liz J 11 months ago+145

    That gold is insane!!! I have to get it

  • Bilaal Ahmed
    Bilaal Ahmed 11 months ago+22

    People say we’re not in the future but come on there’s technology like a watch that goes on your wrist that can take an ECG or reduce your chances of having a stroke or heart attack. Also it can call emergency services for you when you need it to without telling it.

  • Jesse
    Jesse 11 months ago+22

    Comments seem to love the watch, and I agree. The display alone is worth the upgrade

  • harryskittyz
    harryskittyz 11 months ago+1

    wow screw this i just got the series 3 last month for my bday ;(

  • Usman Ghani
    Usman Ghani 11 months ago+62

    Who all getting it?