A Sneeze Causes This Driver’s Car to Roll Over

  • Published on:  6/13/2019
  • It's a violent rollover crash and you won't believe what caused it: a sneeze. The driver sneezed and lost control, and the car ended up on its side. Various good Samaritans to help get the car back on its wheels. Then dazed then got out of the car with no visible injuries. One report estimated that as many as 2,500 accidents are caused a week because of sneezing. Experts say you should pull over if you feel a sneeze coming on and don't drive if you have a severe cold and are prone to sneeze.


  • José Arturo Garza 1 months ago

    On the next Edition... *Driver Speeds up after Farting!* 🚗💨

  • José Arturo ok

  • Haley Troxell 23 days ago

    Dropping 2020 in every video That just gross

  • Tan Le 1 months ago

    0:31-0:55......Did we really need a breakdown of how a sneeze works?

  • Wildlife Lover123 22 days ago

    LOL 😂

  • Swirling Fizz 22 days ago

    Tan Le NO

  • Levi Borrego 1 months ago

    I thought the sneeze itself blew the car over

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  • Same mate we got clickbaited xD

  • Kid Trunks 1 months ago

    Shouldve said bless you and the car wouldnt flip over.

  • Treyslayerkid K a months ago

    It true

  • wh0aLena , 1 months ago

    Me, when I'm driving and sneezing. Glad he was okay too.

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    Subscribe For No reason her english was perfectly fine

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    Potato pie

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    Next on Inside Edition: Moviegoer hospitalized after coughing on popcorn kernel. (Wow, didn't think I'd get any "Likes", thanks Guys)

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    I mean, it could happen if some unlucky dude was unfortunate enough

  • Not Lavatube 1 months ago

    No one :Inside Edition : Explains what sneezing is

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    Not Lavatube I hate these types of comments, but this is true xd

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    that's why it's called inside edition

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    Inside edition has an expert for everything. A SNEEZING EXPERT

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    jamacrama 345 it’s not an expert, she’s a doctor

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    CaysonCool 3 They did one when a rancher who killed a wasp caused a forest fire

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    If you ever bump someone just tell them you sneezed 💀

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    I feel like he actually didn’t sneeze but that’s what he just said

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    Damn no lawsuits , no fines . You just opened up the pandora box.