I Tried To Get Fast Food With Zero Waste

  • Published on:  6/14/2019
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  • LJ Photography
    LJ Photography 2 months ago+6436

    😂 "I'm going to ask in a firm voice"
    speaks so polite and sweet

  • Are Sol
    Are Sol 2 months ago+901

    I think what more fast foods need to do is make their containers recyclable

  • Adashya Crawley
    Adashya Crawley 1 months ago+280

    As a food service manager, I don’t allow outside containers. At my job we offer reusable containers and you can swap them out for a new one and we send yours to dish.
    Keep striving for no waste ladies!

  • Teri Yazzie
    Teri Yazzie 1 months ago+845

    Cross contamination is a huge thing. Whether it looks clean....its not. It was in your bag, idk what else you have in that bag or where else its been...your hands have been touching your steering wheel. The door handle as you walked inside the place. Who knows what else you touched along the way.
    So as much as Im all for being zero waste. You gotta think about these things as well.

  • vashegan
    vashegan 2 months ago+732

    Restaurant managers often go by ServSafe and servsafe says cashiers can’t even handle food without washing their hands let alone bring containers from outside to the back where food is

  • Senior Whoopy IRL
    Senior Whoopy IRL 2 months ago+10986

    The smartest damn thing I’ve heard in a long time. Sustainability needs to be convenient.

  • Meredith Pelt
    Meredith Pelt 2 months ago+379

    tries to reduce waste drives all over LA in a car

  • Insfires edits
    Insfires edits 1 months ago+429

    I just realized Joyce when she’s sitting in the interview chair thingy she’s wear a BTS shirt from the Speak Yourself Tour 😂💜💜💜💜

  • TK Kratz
    TK Kratz 2 months ago+198

    Did you kidnap that girl in the back seat?

  • Katy Nicole
    Katy Nicole 2 months ago+106

    when she said "really I've done that at other chipotles" i legit thought she was gonna demand to speak to the manager cause every time a customer says another location says they let them do something they wanna speak to the manager

  • Cece Ezenwa
    Cece Ezenwa 2 months ago+2340

    Everyone who has worked in the food industry knew that all the fast food chain managers would say, “no” 😂

  • Germany X
    Germany X 28 days ago+25

    Y’all trying to get these restaurants shut down 🤦🏽‍♀️
    Starbucks doesn’t deal with raw meat that’s why they can do it .

  • PK Fire
    PK Fire 2 months ago+332

    Some customer service workers getting a lil mad and I just wanna say as someone who's worked in customer service I think this is great
    They're putting effort into being more environmentally friendly and they're not being rude to the workers at all. They just ask a quick question, get their answer, and leave if it doesn't work out. No hassle or fuss and they were super polite about it. It's ok to ask a question like this as long as you're not causing trouble

  • Ally Viens
    Ally Viens 2 months ago+338

    is this like a series?! i love it i want more zero waste stuff :)

  • speedy jay
    speedy jay 2 months ago+490

    The painful irony of all this is that they probably caused way more harm to the environment by driving around trying to find places that would accept their containers.

  • Josie Larsen
    Josie Larsen 2 months ago+2143

    I work at Starbucks in Oklahoma. We take people’s cups no problem but we sanitize them before use

  • C C
    C C 1 months ago+46

    CA’s health code may allow it. However, most chains go by a Serv Safe and/or the health code from their home state or whichever is stricter. That’s why they can’t do it.

  • Mango Madness
    Mango Madness 2 months ago+59

    For starbucks, the reusable cup thing is more of a marketing thing that works with these trends.

  • Quihn Jantzen
    Quihn Jantzen yesterday+1

    Church's chicken is a chain but they allow me to take my container every time

  • Chloe Stevens
    Chloe Stevens 1 months ago+23

    but like couldn't they just ask for the employees to just put all the food on the trays without the packaging and just transfer at the table? XD