• Published on:  9/16/2018
  • IS THIS A SIGN THAT THE ANTICHRIST AND THE END TIMES ARE UPON US???If you feel led to support this channel here is how you can by letting the ads in the videos run.My Main Channels, SUBSCRIBE TO THEM ALL!


  • A Call For An Uprising
    A Call For An Uprising  11 months ago+114

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  • Sister in Christ Jesus
    Sister in Christ Jesus 11 months ago+624

    There is no fear for those in Christ Jesus

  • countessarcadius Ty
    countessarcadius Ty 11 months ago+187

    People NEED to remember the FALSE MESSIAH COMES FIRST

  • Xin Ime
    Xin Ime 11 months ago+169

    Matthew 24: 42 - "Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come"

  • NPC #867-5309
    NPC #867-5309 11 months ago+198

    Come scoop me up Jesus

  • Strong Believer of the Holy Bible

    Matthew 24:23 At the time, if anyone says to you Look here is the messiah! There he is! do not believe it. 🙏 repent Lord Jesus Christ is our true Savior🙏😊🙏

  • Dustin Myers
    Dustin Myers 11 months ago+166

    this is the thing, killing this thing will be the final straw against God. the Jews have not taken Jesus as their savior and are basically saying Jesus came and wasnt good enough, so here let me sacrifice a cow in the stead of the lord. the ultimate blasphemy.

  • Diane Smith
    Diane Smith 11 months ago+216

    No one knows the exact day or the hour of our Lord's return, but He told us we would know the season. We are definitely in the season.

  • Anita Fetters
    Anita Fetters 11 months ago+24

    So much is happening so fast. I wholeheartedly believe we are at the door of the end.

  • Cinematic Summer
    Cinematic Summer 11 months ago+12

    We are truly living in the last days, REPENT & BELIEVE THE GOSPEL! YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN THROUGH CHRIST!

  • Shehab Aziz
    Shehab Aziz 11 months ago+41

    Yes we are in the end times , the people that can justify the murder of unborn children will have no problem killing those that believe in Christ

  • Danny Dintino
    Danny Dintino 11 months ago+28

    Let’s go home
    Brothers and sister in Christ let’s go home !!

  • Wanda Miller
    Wanda Miller 11 months ago+111

    We have been in the end times for the last 2000 years, I do believe that we are in the final hours, but we do not know when Christ is coming for His Church, the goal is to be ready and share God’s Word and tell people about Jesus and continue on with your life, working and living and being productive but still looking up.

  • Joe Covarrubia
    Joe Covarrubia 11 months ago+90

    ACFAU I'm 23 and obviously we dont know when this world will end.. But I do know that I have woke up and always believed in my lord and savior but never tried reading the bible until now. Started from page 1 and everyday I read and learn and feel a lot better but I know I have a lot more to learn.. Just want to say thank you for you're bravery and your heart ill be praying for you and by you're side any day 🙏❤ God bless you and you're family.

  • KJS FL
    KJS FL 11 months ago+53

    Just two words..."BE READY" It's simple. No calendar and no predictions are needed. TRUST in and OBEY Yeshua and His Word.

  • Pamela Johnson Stevens
    Pamela Johnson Stevens 11 months ago+47

    Just hold your loved ones close and live your life with Jesus. I'm not afraid of the end times.

  • godstomper
    godstomper 11 months ago+113

    If you know the end times are near, why fear? The darkness is being exposed to light. Thats called enlightenment

  • Aimenn Penny
    Aimenn Penny 11 months ago+46

    We do not know the day or the hour...but we definitely know the season

  • Miss Cinabon roll
    Miss Cinabon roll 11 months ago+30

    We ARE in the end times but no one knows when Christ is coming. Things getting worst and worst is the sign that we are in the end times cause we are told what specifically to look out for that tell us that.

  • red Indian
    red Indian 11 months ago+17

    Let this world end for I do not fear death , I believe in Christ the King of all king the king of heaven, the great grandson of Abraham, Solomon and David . Christ is coming amen