Sophie Turner & Jessica Chastain Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED



  • Lars Erik Volden
    Lars Erik Volden 2 months ago+8028

    Sophie Turner is savage. Somebody needs to get her a talkshow.

  • R. B.
    R. B. 2 months ago+7201

    Sophie: what did you learn about me
    Jessica: some sad things actually
    Well she is a Stark

  • Enrique Ramirez-Arriaga
    Enrique Ramirez-Arriaga 2 months ago+2097

    I love how Sophie says a lot of creepy and dark things so casually.

  • Christian Morrow
    Christian Morrow 2 months ago+3162

    Lmfaooo Jessica's face when Sophie's talking about her unborn sister and putting her dog down kills me

  • Adam Blea
    Adam Blea 2 months ago+4057

    "That was my first dog... But then we had to put her down."
    Flashback to Ned killing Lady.

  • Ross McCarthy
    Ross McCarthy 2 months ago+7424

    Jessica's face when Sophie talks about her twin that died...

  • Ned Stark
    Ned Stark 2 months ago+1519

    "That was my first dog. But then we had to put her down."
    You mean, I had to put her down.

  • euge galleguillo
    euge galleguillo 2 months ago+2727

    "i've got a face on my leg"
    "Donald Trump face on your leg"
    "Donald Trump cause' he is grabbing me"
    OMG 2 savages

  • Alya Musfirah
    Alya Musfirah 2 months ago+924

    "Is Sophie turner blonde?" "Yes"
    "What color is Sophie turner's hair?" " it's BLONDE"

    ROOTSCONTRA 1 months ago+246

    Sophie Turner is 23 and Jessica Chastain is 42. She is old enough to be her mother. Let that sink in.

  • Lucia M.
    Lucia M. 2 months ago+4756

    "Are Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams married?" followed by "Are Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams sisters?"
    ALABAMA 100

  • stayalivefrensforme
    stayalivefrensforme 2 months ago+789

    Sophie didn't mention her "The Pack Survives" tattoo
    cries in valyrian

  • Vishal Yadaa
    Vishal Yadaa 2 months ago+796

    Sophie: what did you learn about me ?
    Jessica : Some sad things , actually
    Sophie : Right

  • Edith
    Edith 2 months ago+915

    5:02 she just dropped a bomb. I thought Lady was still alive in real life 😥

  • Jennifer Chieng
    Jennifer Chieng  2 months ago+712

    “I must not be popular”
    “you are super popular”
    “you’re right”

  • DCNT
    DCNT 2 months ago+144

    Wo sind die Deutschen die sich bei 3:29 kaputt gelacht haben?:D

  • Marie S.
    Marie S. 2 months ago+395

    2019 is really Sophie Turner's year

  • Anny Sharma
    Anny Sharma 1 months ago+56

    Who is Jessica Chastain married to ? Jessica : long Italian name but I just call him "hey you!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jade Kingston
    Jade Kingston 1 months ago+144

    Five foot
    9 and 3/4
    PotterHeads where you at

  • shawolmblft
    shawolmblft 2 months ago+549

    This was so wholesome, like omg their nrg together is amazing
    "Is Sophie turner related to Tina turner?"
    "Yes she's my mum"
    And I don't question that