Third Day - Your Love Oh Lord (Official Video)

  • Published on:  10/25/2009
  • Music video by Third Day performing Your Love Oh Lord. Facebook- 2003 Essential Records#ThirdDay#YourLoveOhLord#Vevo


  • Cody Pulley
    Cody Pulley a years ago+276

    10 years ago and 1 months I pray to God to give me the courage to never use methamphetamine again. I was 49 years old and had struggled with methamphetamine addiction since I was 16. Now you must know by now but that's not the first time I prayed to God to free me up from methamphetamine. Yet it was the last time I will ever have to pray it because like a flashlight the courage came over me and has never left. Now I could write a book on God's love kindness and how his love never fails and never gives up. But I don't have to it has already been written the Holy Bible. And I encourage all that read the Holy Bible to not take it out of context but to read the whole entire book and let it speak volumes to you as a book not a single scripture. I believe in my heart that wants we study the scriptures we will truly see the intent of God's love for all of mankind. Oh God surely worthy of praise

  • mugiwara 92
    mugiwara 92 2 years ago+163

    i am from indonesia. i love Jesus

  • Judy Durfee
    Judy Durfee 3 years ago+118

    This dear group blesses millions. Let my unsaved son happen on to it and be saved!

  • Ricardo Mattos
    Ricardo Mattos a years ago+77

    God, I know that you read all of the messages we post on this site. And so I write this: I love you Lord. You are worthy of my love. You are worthy of my time. Of all my being. You mean the world to me. Thank you for saving me, not just that day in Calvary, but daily. For delivering me from evil and temptation. Bring me closer to you God, cause that's the only place where I feel peace.

  • regina oakes
    regina oakes 5 years ago+30

    All these years later and still one of my all time favorite songs!!

  • Ernie Kasper
    Ernie Kasper 3 years ago+111

    His love reaches to the heaven's and they can certainly reach the worst of sinners, the loneliest of people, the hurting, the dying, the greatest of vile people and yet that very love can move mountains in hearts that are set against Him. His love is greater than any thing set against Him...

  • Matt Wedd
    Matt Wedd 3 years ago+39

    This song will be great for all of time, and after.

  • LA Davis
    LA Davis 4 years ago+57

    I can't deny.... I have like many bands over the years.... But, Third Day and Mac's voice bring a message from my Lord to touch my soul.

  • Dianna F
    Dianna F 4 years ago+86

    That voice! First time I've seen this fella sing and I gotta say.. I did NOT expect him to look the way his voice sounds! His voice is absolutely a gift from God. I am so glad and grateful that he is using his voice to send God's messages to the world. God Bless Third Day!!!

  • Iron man
    Iron man 10 months ago+10

    Who's here still listening in 2018?

  • Beau Long
    Beau Long 2 years ago+81

    "Your love oh Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness stretches to the skies.''

  • Mios Novos
    Mios Novos 2 years ago+78

    i'm so confused and angry and lost most of the day's, the only thing that keeps me going are you guys and newsboys music . I don't understand it ...the music you guys make really help me to calm down and see past the darkness misery and hate around me, i still see my self as an Atheist but i'm feeling more and more as an christian ,

  • Leslie D.
    Leslie D. 2 years ago+58

    I sing this song everyday.. it is my confession.

  • guitargeekette
    guitargeekette 4 years ago+124

    Completely iconic and just as refreshing as when it came out

  • Sadie Blue
    Sadie Blue 2 years ago+74

    I went to a third day concert when this album came out and it was awesome. Love this song

  • josh6557
    josh6557 4 years ago+12

    This song just puts the holy spirit running thru my veins praise Jesus he is the messiah king above all kings

  • Glenn Xavier
    Glenn Xavier a years ago+27

    Amen..may the Lord be glorified

  • Jacob Watson
    Jacob Watson 2 years ago+15

    I love how this is sung in the middle of the street. Challenging us to break those chains and be joyously open with our faith!

  • Diane K
    Diane K 4 years ago+16

    I love every single thing they sing/play, everything! Praise God!

  • James Owens
    James Owens 2 years ago+16

    I love this song not only cuz I enjoy the tune but I sing this song to my 1.5 yr old son at bed time and without fail he falls asleep that's a miracle lol He is the comforter