Watch The Terrifying Moment Driver Uses a Crowbar on Window During Road Rage

  • Published on:  4/7/2016
  • A California man recorded a road rage incident after he says a chauffeur got out of his vehicle and hit his window with a crowbar. Driver Shahnam Asbaghi claims it started when the chauffeur who was driving a SUV rammed him from behind and then went ballistic after following him off an L.A. freeway on Tuesday afternoon. "He comes out of his vehicle. When he reached my window, he cocks back and hits my window three or four times. He said a few 'F' words and got in his car and takes off," Asbaghi told IE.


  • Numberless Oats 3 years ago

    "both men were arrested and charged with reckless driving" The guy in the red car should have been charged with attempted murder as well.

  • Resulakos 13 hours ago

    @ruby good to know

  • Supercell gamer 26 days ago

    DynamitezVerde he tried to run him over

  • Ray Mak 6 months ago

    Motorcyclist was running for his life.

  • Ramboi 3 days ago

    @Alex 100 lol?

  • Mel ! 1 years ago

    He’s extremely weak if he couldn’t break the window with a crowbar😂😂 oh my gosh he was so skinny he looks like a stick😂 oh no no

  • METAL EXPOSER 14 hours ago

    Its happy glass it will be only broken by porcelain only

  • Dan Odden 1 years ago

    Man that motorcycle video was way more intense. Why not do the whole article on that?

  • BABYDOLL KAM 5 days ago

    Dan Odden like gta

  • Ana YourBestie 22 days ago


  • Minoru Mineta 10 months ago

    "Both men were arrested and charged with reckless driving" *_cuts immediately to outro_* LMAOOO

  • Xeon SuBZeRo 6 days ago

    I died at that part lmao

  • Crisparooni 21 days ago

    Well if it isnt the lord of grapes himself

  • Uranium Sabre 2 years ago

    both arrested for reckless driving?! HE WAS RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE FOR GOD'S SAKE

  • pacsoul Pavon 1 months ago

    The goverment will find one way or another to take your money

  • Ivan Greeman 1 months ago

    No he wasn't. He's the one causing the driver to chase him.

  • MarX XPham 2 months ago

    When did Nokia start making car windows?

  • Garrett Haire 11 days ago

    My family car has those windows too, once a big branch slammed into the window at a very fast speed and nothing happened.

  • zoey guerra 11 months ago

    0:03 “Woah, what was that all about!” (Me when my parents barge in my room and wake me up at 6:30 in the morning.)

  • Mclovin Bot 4 days ago

    Hmm i think i saw this comment before 😬

  • ItzNeonPandaz 15 days ago


  • Rendered Rex 10 months ago

    The motorcyclist should've gotten a ticket maybe even nothing he was just trying to run for his life the driver should've gotten arrested for reckless driving and maybe even attempted vehicle manslaughter or something along those lines for trying to kill/injury the biker but that's my opinion

  • Brittany Bennett 27 days ago

    They were both being complete idiots and recklessly driving putting lives in danger.

  • Ivan Greeman 1 months ago


  • NICK FANIZZI 3 days ago

    0:11 when your happy meal doesn’t have a toy in it