Interview with Actress from Prank Invasion

  • Published on:  3/28/2017
  • An actress from Prank Invasion shares the juicy scoop in this week's recap. Prank Invasion starts WW3 -- Dayah Dover -- Gold Digger Tank Edition -- Ethan Quits YouTube -- The Ballad of Ethan and Hila -- H3 Podcast is available at:ITUNES -- PLAY MUSIC -- Twitter......................'s Twitter............ http://h3h3productions.spreadshirt.comInstagram................'s Instragram..... http://h3h3productions.comSubreddit................. And So It Begins by Artificial.Music ( is licensed under a Creative Commons license (


  • h3h3Productions
    h3h3Productions  2 years ago+10486

    If you guys missed our prank invasion video from yesterday, highly recommend checking it out below!
    Prank Invasion starts WW3 ►

  • Yuto Hayabusa
    Yuto Hayabusa 2 years ago+4481

    Prank videos are fake? Next thing you know wrestling is fake too.

  • Jampetable Gaming
    Jampetable Gaming a years ago+4320

    Has Chris ever kissed a girl without paying them I wonder

  • carisa is weird
    carisa is weird a years ago+2157

    Am I the only one who wants to see what the camera man looks like now

  • Dante Diep
    Dante Diep a years ago+3747

    H3H3: Exposure King
    iDubbbz: Roasting King
    FilthyFrank: Kancer King

  • Shan Wood
    Shan Wood a years ago+1000

    I took Prank Invasion's advice... And it worked! I'm in jail now... And everyone here has seen Prank Invasion.

  • itsGarrick
    itsGarrick 2 years ago+20295

    Actress?!? Are you saying there is no such thing as mommy makeout day?

  • Jeronimo Zorrilla MSTA Jeronimo

    M O M M Y M A K E O U T D A Y

  • Hannah M
    Hannah M a years ago+305

    Unrelated- people wear clothes under burqa's xD

  • Erick Flash
    Erick Flash a years ago+494

    Once you're told about Ethan's eyebrows you can't stop watching them

  • Mr. BlueSky
    Mr. BlueSky a years ago+553

    Imagine all the little 12yearolds who think THIS was stadged and invasion wasn’t

  • Dr Guthrie
    Dr Guthrie 2 years ago+22822

    I feel like Ethan is slowly collecting nemesis's that will eventually team up and form a super villain league dedicated to destroying him

  • Angel Lozano
    Angel Lozano a years ago+162

    The only way Chris can kiss a girl without paying her is by telling her that there is a sniper at the ready.

  • Babe Lemin
    Babe Lemin a years ago+470

    I’m a Muslim. Ethan I thank you so much for defending on my religion ❤️ Love you always.

  • Spaceman
    Spaceman a years ago+467

    She actually has a charismatic personality, I liked her in this episode

  • A1Juni
    A1Juni  4 months ago+77

    Plot twist: PrankInvasions Cameraman is Ethan

  • ian1493
    ian1493 2 years ago+1625

    "wear a thong" well thats a red flag if I've ever heard one.

  • Fahad Qureshi
    Fahad Qureshi 2 months ago+92

    I am not gay, but his eyebrows are turning me on
    Woah.... Never got so many likes.... Thnx

  • Gav
    Gav a years ago+627

    lol she got all done up for skype with ethan

  • Abhijit B
    Abhijit B a years ago+104

    Prank invasion deserves to be hit by all those 12 year olds who tried his sick moves to get kissed