The Try Guys Take A Mental Health Vacation

  • Published on:  1/16/2019
  • Everyone gets burnout, even YouTubers. The Try Guys decide to take a break for their mental health and learn all about the importance of achieving a more fulfilling work-life balance. Will they be able to go two weeks without working?

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    Kati Morton

    Jay Replogle

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  • Paul Lambert
    Paul Lambert 2 minutes ago

    I’m going to San Deigo on Sunday morning but Saturday 4am

  • Sabrina SW
    Sabrina SW 2 minutes ago

    A lot of hair I can't take my eyes off of
    Ned's armpit hair
    Zach's hairy chest
    Keith's five o'clock shadow
    Eugene's thick glossy eyebrows
    If this doesn't describe me as obsessed, I don't know what does
    Love ya fellas

  • ellie yan
    ellie yan 2 minutes ago

    I wanna swap life with them for this video😭

  • Ibrahim Dhawood
    Ibrahim Dhawood 2 minutes ago

    Soooo just a normal vacation?

  • i like potatoes everyday

    Am i the only one whos gonna talk about that shes the same therapist off of shanes jake paul series oof :P

  • Alaska Kairi Todd
    Alaska Kairi Todd 3 minutes ago

    That ending though

  • Helene Hedegaard
    Helene Hedegaard 3 minutes ago

    Poor Eugene is walking around alone 😭

  • Yiush Gaming
    Yiush Gaming 4 minutes ago

    Eugene mind telling me how to dress well :/ i need some idea in fashion.. PLS HELP

  • SO NOW Productions
    SO NOW Productions 4 minutes ago

    Check us out

  • Reese P
    Reese P 4 minutes ago

    Missed you guys but we're pretty happy you took the well deserved and over due breal 😊

  • Gabriella Root
    Gabriella Root 5 minutes ago

    Taking a break is so important y’all 😌 Also Kati Morton! Yay!

  • Daw
    Daw 6 minutes ago

    How do you manage to make even this topic disingenuous?

  • Bella Stafford
    Bella Stafford 6 minutes ago

    Y'all should make a 'try guys make knifes without a recipe' video

  • Soth Arioch
    Soth Arioch 8 minutes ago

    Why this garbage is on YouTube? How and when is that youtube became such trashcan?

  • oxforddictonary
    oxforddictonary 9 minutes ago

    eugene's eyebrows look drawn on or shaded in with colour pencil....also, the Gaga concert clip, they spelled There wrong...not They're she is....There she is....Ok, i'm done being obnoxious. Resume your video watching.

  • Beybey Kwonie
    Beybey Kwonie 9 minutes ago

    isn't she the girl in shane dawson's jake paul series? ahahaha

  • Kevin Huynh
    Kevin Huynh 10 minutes ago

    Who else peeped Blackpink on Eugene’s timeline lol

  • Cassey Whitney
    Cassey Whitney 11 minutes ago

    Omfg I love this so much 😂

  • Lemon Greese
    Lemon Greese 12 minutes ago+1


  • Pixel Wolf
    Pixel Wolf 12 minutes ago

    Omg I’ve been doing homework all day and this is one of my first breaks tonight🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣