Julia Michaels - Anxiety (Audio) ft. Selena Gomez

  • Published on:  1/24/2019
  • Anxiety ft. Selena Gomez (Official Audio)

    Inner Monologue Part 1 Available Now: https://JuliaMichaels.lnk.to/InnerMonologuePt1YD

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    Video Director: Cristobal Saez
    Video Producer: Cristobal Saez
    Video Editor: Cristobal Saez

    Music video by Julia Michaels performing Anxiety (Audio). © 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.



  • Jryl (Jan 26, 2019)

    Facts. Some of my friends don’t understand.

  • Sir Isaac Brock (1 hour ago)

    +Raindrops fall from the sky Fuck off you sound so fucking gay lol I had 11 people like my comment I dont need to upvote my own you faggoty sperg

  • +Sir Isaac Brock Jesus you even like your own comment. Has there problems on your mind? From actions I think I can tell that. I suggest speaking to a therapist or a family member or someone you really trust and tell them your problems. It will feel so much better once you get those thoughts and worries out of the way.

  • hey it’s lucy (Feb 11, 2019)

    Last year I was feeling like this and I didn’t know it was anxiety, now I’m feeling much better and I gained confidence!! So to anyone going through hard times or dealing with anxiety, don’t worry it gets better❤️Edit: for those of you who wanna know how to try to get better read the replies!! I really hope it helps❤️ you guys are really strong

  • s ss (3 hours ago)

    @Rosie Reece I'm also like you ago, you can do it,that all will be past,be strong💪

  • Kelly-Ann Duke (13 hours ago)

    It gets better to deal with due to meditation and other ways of finding to handle it. But it doesn't go away. That's false info.

  • Aidilicious 04 (1 day ago)

    "Οh, I try my best just tο be sοcial Ι make all these plans with friends, and hοpe they call and cancel"This line gets me everytime.............

  • Zoey Skriver (Feb 11, 2019)

    "i feel like im always apologizing for feeling" that hit me hard

  • l le kg ho (2 hours ago)

    Vai lon day

  • Mar dreamer (5 days ago)

    +Sakshi Singh it's harder when people you love laugh at your feelings like if your reactions are nonsense, like if your emotions are not valid. It's hard to love people.

  • selly marie (Feb 12, 2019)

    *they dont understand why i cant sleep through the night*

  • Tash Jey (4 hours ago)

    lonelyluvr neath don’t worry about it 😊

  • lonelyluvr neath (18 hours ago)

    selly marie i still don’t get why i can’t sleep through the night :(

  • I Am Jeffrey (Jan 24, 2019)


  • +Roya B7 I'm expecting her album to be out in 2900

  • Arianna Tukai (4 days ago)

    If ur with Selena and Julia...Put ur hand up

  • zoheb abbas (3 hours ago)


  • Lps Shadow (19 hours ago)


  • ikonic for life (6 days ago)

    *If you're single this valentine too put your hand up* ✋


  • Aarzu Ramawat (2 days ago)

    Go to your therapist.Therapist: So, what's your problem?Me: **starts singing**

  • 8D MUSIC (2 days ago)

    I made 8D AUDIO of this song if you guys want a live experience💖Have a lovelyy day! :)

  • sunset rainbows (1 day ago)

    Thank you too! :) and i love 8D