Ariana Grande Talks Sweetener, Pete Davidson & Nicki Minaj

  • Published on:  8/17/2018
  • For More Interviews, Subscribe ►► stopped by the studio for the #Sweetener Slumber Party! She talked with us about her engagement to #PeteDavidson, her friendship with #NickiMinaj and her new album Sweetener!Hear Sweetener here ►► to the Podcast ►► us:Twitter ►► ►► ►► ►►


  • Nnenna Uche
    Nnenna Uche 6 months ago+3026

    She’s wearing a NASA sweatshirt... she was telling us all along

  • eden
    eden 9 months ago+1381

    it makes me sad bc she was so happy and now she’s devastated 😕

  • Sophie Oostenbruggen
    Sophie Oostenbruggen a years ago+2161

    Once you start noticing how much she says 'like' you can't unnotice it

  • Maya
    Maya 11 months ago+1604

    just me or does this video make you feel all warm and safe and relaxed

  • Aslı İpek
    Aslı İpek 11 months ago+1730

    2:46 (imitating her mom, Joan)
    5:24 (imitating the interviewer)
    6:32 (funny voice)
    7:04 (her face 😂😍)
    7:45 (funny speech)
    9:54 (toulouse comes)
    12:09 (a funny speech)
    14:37 (another funny speech)
    17:45 (funny voice)
    18:12 (toulouse goes)
    18:59 (another funny speech)
    21:06 (maybe she didn't want to talk about mac miller *i know this is not "best" but yeah)
    21:34 (high five)
    21:49 (weird silence 😂)
    22:16 (another funny speech)
    23:01 (weirdly yelling)
    23:37 (speech about woman power)
    24:22 (another funny speech)
    28:21 (drink speech)
    28:27 (talking about Nicki Minaj)
    30:36 (talking about kids in Dance To This music video)
    30:53 (imitating herself when she was six years old and singing Missy Elliott's song and imitating Joan *Ariana's mom)
    31:28 (interviewer talking about a thing but Ari didn't understand and talking about a secret thing from ear to ear)
    32:05 (another funny speech)
    36:02 (talking about her moms' favorite song in sweetener)
    37:36 (about "God is a woman" songs' meaning)
    38:24 (interviewer wondered Ariana's ring)
    38:33 (shows her ring to fans)
    39:42 (imitating herself when she was at live last night)
    43:39 (moving her head weirdly but still cute haha and funny speech)
    44:12 (funny singing)
    45:20 (talking to toulouse)
    46:42 (singing)

  • Maha x
    Maha x 6 months ago+1039

    who's here after thanku, next album?

  • Kathleen Benavides
    Kathleen Benavides 9 months ago+686

    22:04 - “Remember that? Trash.”

  • Sophia Park
    Sophia Park 5 months ago+463

    she sounds so much more happier and confident in this interview than the thank u, next interview, it makes me so sad:((

  • Clément Gaume
    Clément Gaume 6 months ago+770

    T shirt : NASA... SHE TEASED US
    Gosh I didn't expect so much likes!!! Thanks

  • Tear Grande
    Tear Grande 10 months ago+471

    46:36 not even toulouse wanted them to get married

  • E Nav
    E Nav a years ago+533

    Am I️ the only person wondering the whole time how Zach got that bracelet on the microphone

  • mary
    mary 6 months ago+320

    Crazy how much changed from this interview. Only 5 months ago. Mac’s death and Pete’s Ariana is one of the strongest people. How does someone deal with so much thrown at her while the world watching and saying anything they want? She’s amazing!

  • HarleyInDamn
    HarleyInDamn a years ago+1444

    Man this guy asks some interesting questions. And you can tell he's really listening. Sooo many talk show hosts talk over their guests and don't even listen to them half the time.

  • Chui ガム
    Chui ガム 9 months ago+595


  • Ularu Anastasia
    Ularu Anastasia 11 months ago+1510

    6:32 we are all gonna ignore that???

  • goodvibes
    goodvibes a years ago+710

    I don’t think i’ve ever watched an ariana interview before and i haven’t been a fan but i like her music and damn i just watched a 48min video of her and now i think i’m in love lol

  • Blair Waldorf
    Blair Waldorf 6 months ago+128

    Life’s too short... she said here and a month later mac died 😭

  • Sarah Surowka
    Sarah Surowka a years ago+3018

    lmao Zach got so red when Ari called him out for being high.
    Real talk, I always enjoy his interviews and I just love Ariana so much. <3

  • allen kim
    allen kim a years ago+414

    Ariana trying to peel off toulouse starts from 10:24

  • * R
    * R 6 months ago+140

    Damn. This vs the interview in 2019. 2 totally different Ariana’s