Joker: The humiliation of Jared Leto, and continued Success of Joaquin Phoenix

  • Published on:  10/28/2019
  • #Joker#JaredLeto#JoaquinPhoenix

    Over the course of the weekend of October 26th, Todd Philip’s and Joaquin Phoenix’ Joker reclaimed its number one spot at the boxoffice, passed Deadpool, and become the highest grossing R rated movie of all time.

    Many will be excited about this, but one who is not, is Jared Leto - the previous Joker who has been relentlessly mocked and ridiculed since the release of this Joker.

    In this editorial, @AndreEinherjar will first explore the machinations behind why Jared Leto was never going to play the Joker again, how astounding the success of the current Joker really is, and whether or not that success means that Phoenix’ Joker might be back in sequels.

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