Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - FULL REVIEW (after 4 months of use)!

  • Published on:  12/13/2018
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  • Nonsense Manjaro
    Nonsense Manjaro 8 months ago+403

    It's literally a computer in your hands!

  • Prince of Heaven
    Prince of Heaven 8 months ago+515

    I switched from iPhone to note 9 and I love it

  • TheMostBenevolentKing
    TheMostBenevolentKing 8 months ago+314

    The Note 9 is a BOSS.

  • Ace Lucero Tech
    Ace Lucero Tech 8 months ago+236

    Well thank you for making this video. It's a shame most reviewers have become nothing but advertisers for tech companies.

  • Saad Kashif
    Saad Kashif 8 months ago+217

    Man, this is the best phone you can currently buy right now in the world.

  • JRG 11
    JRG 11 8 months ago+142

    I LOVE MY NOTE 9!!!

  • Steve Bachochin
    Steve Bachochin 8 months ago+176

    I don't care care about design trends. If you need a fashion statement stay woth an iphone. My note 9 gets work done.

  • Mathematics Made Easy by Abhishek Datta

    The Note 9 can be called as the perfect phone in today's market and the iPhone xs max doesn't comes even closer to it in almost all departments (except their A12 bionic chip) . Unfortunately the apple lovers still leaves a pinch of salt in their reviews to establish the fact that iPhones are still wroth buying over the note 9 even if they praise note 9 a lot!!

  • Mohammad Sadat
    Mohammad Sadat 8 months ago+54

    You can change the Bixby button setting to double press so it won't wake up with accidental touches anymore

  • Sebastian Swirski
    Sebastian Swirski 8 months ago+67

    Actually, the S-Pen Bluetooth feature to start and stop videos is nice when I'm on the couch in the evening and my Note is on its DeX pad near the TV. 👌👌👌👌

  • Goliath
    Goliath 7 months ago+20

    Who cares about thicker bezels, that's actually a blessing. This bezel-less design bullshit is going too far.

  • Jon's Channel
    Jon's Channel 8 months ago+67

    Great content ZONE. Just purchased a note 9 512 for 949 what a deal. Have been with iPhone since the 3GS decided to leave iPhone for a bit for this beast or maybe for good 😆. Awesome review thanks.

  • Benjamin Barr
    Benjamin Barr 8 months ago+85

    I Gotta argue with you about that bloatware... I switched to oneplus and realized how bad Google calendar is and how much I use Samsung bloatware. I have to use two different calendar apps to view my full schedule with work and shared family calendars. I have Samsung smartthings and bixby is really convienent for that and that alone, one note works very well in one note(though Samsung notes has a windows 10 app through the windows store which sorta works), the smartthings banner is a lot more useful than I thought, s pen software is absolutely amazing and the text extractor is extremely useful and I miss it, Samsung secure folder is extremely nice for byod and separaing work from home on my phone, the integrated digits dialer (T-Mobile ) is more convienent than the app, the edge folder was really nice for quick access, and lastly, Samsung pay beats the snot out of android pay. The one plus 6t is a nice phone but I never realized how much convenience they built in... I'll be jumping back to a note as soon as possible myself.

  • YT ImRxqzy-
    YT ImRxqzy- 8 months ago+52

    I seriously can't wait for the Note 10/X..

  • donxalamar
    donxalamar 8 months ago+34

    Samsung calculator is way better than Google's. As well as Samsung music app. The gallery app is ok I could use either but I use Samsung's more as well as Samsung's calendar but Google's calendar on my tablet and they sync pretty well. I use Google's chrome as web browser mainly but Samsung's version is also very good. I've never been bothered with the duplication of apps. It gives me more choices. What I find useless is Samsung's app store.

  • zack
    zack 8 months ago+24

    3:08 note 9 display rocks

  • sherri moquin
    sherri moquin 8 months ago+50

    I still have my s9+ but thing is about the camera on my phone is that it has a slight yellowish tint when I take pictures in low light and I want to know if that's normal

  • Joanna C
    Joanna C 1 months ago+7

    Got the Note 9 for $699 at Best Buy a month ago. Great deal and I love it. Quite an update from my Note 4.

  • Jan Ove Lassesen
    Jan Ove Lassesen 8 months ago+50

    I have been a long-term Apple and iPhone user for many years. Mac, Watch, Apple TV, iMessage, you name it. I have tried many times to switch over to Android but it took me 12 hours to understand I regret it. It was the hunger of the ecosystem and no one can compete with Apple on this level. Sharing images with my iOS family is also a great thing.
    I am using my phone for business use primarily but also take a lot of photos too of my kids. I have looked at the Note series for a long time and I finally bought the Note 9 a month ago and this is truly a mind blowing phone. The OS is much cleaner than before and I actually try TO USE the Samsung apps to take full use of their features. And to be honest I won't search for other apps. I thin people call bloatware too fast before using it. Samsung apps have so many brilliant feature sets I use all day like a very good calendar and reminder app.
    I have moved images to Google Photos and I have already forgotten about iMessage.
    I don t think I will go back to iPhone and I am not paying what Apple asks from me of the Xs MAx. Its just a principle.

  • Austin Brown
    Austin Brown 5 months ago+12

    "if you're like me and you have be a ton of devices, then Samsung notes is useless" .... 🤔
    Not a lot of people have that issue dude.