NBA's Best Plays | Week 14



  • bruce lau
    bruce lau 6 months ago+76

    damn Paul George was just damn absolutely CLUTCH against Philly tho with that 4PP , Eric Gordon was MAD CLUTCH as well

  • Kenneth Taylor
    Kenneth Taylor 6 months ago+60


  • Stefan GuSley
    Stefan GuSley 6 months ago+163

    11:16 no sound cuz he is under water

  • Jesus Morales
    Jesus Morales 6 months ago+45

    I legit replayed Paul George’s shot like twenty times lol
    That commentary though 🔥

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson 6 months ago+62

    PG13 was cluch and having an amazing season too

  • Keirnan Eadie
    Keirnan Eadie 6 months ago+15

    Gerald Green's been watching Harden, saucy with that pull back

  • Mr Pelvis
    Mr Pelvis 6 months ago+165

    Paul George in the orange OKC jersey looks fire 🔥

  • RealisticCrown
    RealisticCrown 6 months ago+2

    That dunk by Westbrook made him look like a child throwing a temper tantrum 😂

  • Poker Zillo
    Poker Zillo 6 months ago

    Double dribble on buddy hield's game winner.

  • Sheridan Morris
    Sheridan Morris 6 months ago

    when Kemba crossed him 3 times I was saying where r u going bro lol

  • Steven Garcia
    Steven Garcia 6 months ago

    Whoa Lonzo made best plays? XD

  • ヤーマン刑事
    ヤーマン刑事 6 months ago


  • Lucidic
    Lucidic 6 months ago+1

    OKC Jersey with PG 3 NASA 😏😏

  • Alex VanGundy
    Alex VanGundy 6 months ago

    These highlights would be better if you didnt replay it 20 times every clip

  • Jonathan Drucker
    Jonathan Drucker 6 months ago

    Buddy Hield totally double-dribbled though!

  • Flo Gang
    Flo Gang 6 months ago

    Blake griffins reaction to buddy hield 😂😂🎯

  • Carter Oxley
    Carter Oxley 6 months ago

    Bro Paul George finally taking the clutch shots for okc... Not surprised that shot sank

  • jim torto
    jim torto 6 months ago+1

    okc - bucks - 76ers i belive they are the most exciting teams to watch

  • MrGhettokid1994
    MrGhettokid1994 6 months ago

    0:49 ....wasnt that double dribble? Or am I trippin??

  • ScorpionMassive
    ScorpionMassive 6 months ago

    The compiler of this video is Philly and OKC fan.