• Published on:  6/19/2019
  • David, Carly, Erin, and I spent the day together. And David needed my help dealing with a problem.DOWNLOAD MY MOBILE GAME ►iPHONE- - TICKETS ►MAY 18 - BROOKLYN: 8 - SAN FRANCISCO: 9 - CHICAGO: 15 - BOSTON: NEW MERCH►http://restwhenimdead.comPATREON► PODCAST ► to David's Channel ► check out some of best videos: Zane is Cool ► Natalie ► vs Stamos ► Tour Video ► Ruins Our Vacation ► TO MY FAMILY CHANNEL ► TO THIS CHANNEL ►► ► ►@Jason23nashTWITTER► MOVIES: JASON NASH IS MARRIED ► ►fmlthemovie.comPostmates Code: W7WCI (get $10 in delivery credit!)


  • Bree Sebastian
    Bree Sebastian 2 months ago+1842

    Sometimes it just hits me that Jason’s actually 46 when he holds his camera up his nose and films it

  • Grace Is Bored
    Grace Is Bored 2 months ago+778

    Maybe for an idea take the Vlog Squad to an amusement park like Cedar Point or Six Flags it would be really funny to see which one of the Vlog Squad members are afraid of heights
    Like this if you agree maybe Jason might see it

  • Morgan Aring
    Morgan Aring 2 months ago+546

    David sweeping up his messes two times in one video?!?!? Wow, growth 😂

  • mami ღ
    mami ღ 2 months ago+501

    I’m 21 and I don’t think you’re too old lol you’re actually one of my faves from the vlog squad!

  • Kylle Bonilla
    Kylle Bonilla 2 months ago+300

    Jason talking about people complaining about Gemini season while at the same time switching to like 3 topics and switching his mood about those topics just in the first two minutes of the vlog. Pure Gemini behavior.

  • Cheyenne Knernschield
    Cheyenne Knernschield 2 months ago+1037

    By the way, you aren’t “too old” for the vlogs! You are definitely one of my favorites!

  • Daisy Montes De Oca
    Daisy Montes De Oca 2 months ago+330

    They should do a "blind date surprise" for Matt King and surprise him with Miranda Cosgrove

  • Christian Johns Johns
    Christian Johns Johns 2 months ago+376

    David Jason Carly and Erin my favourite friendship LOL.

  • Maxwell Logan
    Maxwell Logan 2 months ago+151

    i still don't get why people call jason old. old is like 70, not 46 wtf
    can't even blame them for being 20 cause i'm 20 and know damn well that jason is far from old

  • antonella
    antonella 2 months ago+134

    david cleaning twice in one video inspires me to be more productive haha

  • David Hommel
    David Hommel 2 months ago+911

    “I’m going to take a break”
    Few days later: “ I have a vlog vlog vlog🎼🎼🎼”

  • Nate
    Nate 2 months ago+98

    Am I the only one who thinks Jason’s laugh was David wiping the windows

  • Nancy Enri.
    Nancy Enri. 2 months ago+106

    Best content ever! David, Carly, Jason and Erin all together AND they're talking about emo bands! What did we do to deserve this?!?!
    Also just seeing David clean twice was a highlight!

  • Junkies
    Junkies 2 months ago+119

    So crazy how everyone acts so different when there not on David’s vlogs

  • veronica !
    veronica ! 2 months ago+62

    i can watch david play with his hair for hours and not get tired of it

  • Holika Holika
    Holika Holika 2 months ago+69

    The Tesla is haunted. Great.

  • sarah mac
    sarah mac 2 months ago+88

    I can watch them sitting around and having a conversation all day

  • Lorik
    Lorik 2 months ago+118

    Jason I love your content but your sense of humor is the cherry on top!Keep up the good work dude!

  • Ashley Sims
    Ashley Sims 2 months ago+56

    Erin throwing a fit cuz she's hungry...🤣
    Also, why is it weird to see David cleaning up?

  • Chesney Estepp
    Chesney Estepp 2 months ago+34

    David needs a hair cut lmao😂