How Fortnite is transforming the gaming industry

  • Published on:  6/12/2018
  • Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet right now. But beyond being super popular, this game is incredibly important to the future of the industry. Fortnite is impacting how modern video games are developed, get popular, stay relevant, and make money. **Correction: Black Ops footage at 4:54 should be sourced to Activision, not EA.**Subscribe: The Verge on Facebook: on Twitter: on Instagram: More: http://www.theverge.comCommunity guidelines: to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science:


  • Random Retard
    Random Retard a years ago+389

    Minecraft Hunger Games is the pioneer of Battle Royale Games.

  • Kylo Rei
    Kylo Rei a years ago+33

    9 yrs old army taking over the world

  • Tasos Lechoudis
    Tasos Lechoudis a years ago+131

    4:54 , what do you mean source: EA? It's call of duty.

  • Unscripted Xeno
    Unscripted Xeno a years ago+232

    In my opinion Fortnite mobile sucks. Pubg mobile is way better. The pc Version is very fun but it has (at the moment at least) many bugs that just ruin the experience

  • floäse
    floäse a years ago+26

    Usa still thinks they are the planet. Fortnite is the biggest game in usa not the planet. There are many countries where you barely ever hear about it.

  • Akalion
    Akalion a years ago+11

    Too bad it's gonna be dead in like a year.

  • obeyo1
    obeyo1 a years ago+187

    Honestly, I prefer PUBG. A few more things; DayZ has nothing to do with Battle Royale. In fact, it was PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battle Royale mod for ARMA 2 that truly ignited the battle royale frenzy in the gaming industry. At 4:54, the source is Activision, as they are the main publisher for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, not EA. Finally, Ninja is still part of Lumonisty Gaming. Hope these were all the errors that you made. Leave it to Polygon for gaming content next time. ^^

  • Dorian Tomašinec
    Dorian Tomašinec a years ago+18

    2:19 great for parents that are worried about video game violence.. game is based on killing people with many sorts of weaponry lol

  • Its White
    Its White a years ago+13

    Fortnite is garbo

  • Maimul
    Maimul a years ago+26

    Lol this video... paid promotion...

  • celine junita
    celine junita a years ago+7

    battle royale is boring.

  • Aaron Bell
    Aaron Bell a years ago+9

    Game is trash

  • Alexander Supé
    Alexander Supé a years ago+14

    4:54 "Battle Royale the Black-Ops Way" - Source: EA, ahem, isn't cod published by Activision?

  • omkar chauhan
    omkar chauhan a years ago+3

    I'll still play PUBG
    I Don't say forthnite sucks.
    I just like PUBG more 😚

  • DanielDabbeur
    DanielDabbeur a years ago+6

    "Source: EA"

  • MrMentalSoul
    MrMentalSoul a years ago+13

    "How Fortnite is transforming the gaming industry"
    Lmao. You guys are so ignorant.

  • Kevin K
    Kevin K a years ago+3

    Source: EA ? That was CoD not EA. EA is Battlefield V

  • BiGoNS
    BiGoNS a years ago+4

    you guys should stay with your smartphones lol

  • whataderk
    whataderk a years ago+19

    I swear I feel like I’m the only person that doesn’t like Fortnite. On top of that I tell people that and then they freak out on me and try to convince me that I’m wrong. Lol

  • Therandomguy256
    Therandomguy256 a years ago+4

    Half-Life 3 Battle Royale.