Build five - story mud house with swimming pool and build hut around swimming pool (full video)

  • Published on:  6/21/2019
  • Hello everyone Today i'm show you about how to Build five - story mud house with swimming pool and build hut around swimming pool (full video) +Amazing video1 - Evolution Primitive Time : Build Mini Underground Swimming Pool( Evolution Primitive Time : Build wooden house underground( Build An Underground House ( Look Like Hobbit House)( Building Medium Fish Pond(


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  • Jacob Mawyer
    Jacob Mawyer 4 days ago+95

    Imagine the money they would make with the sweatcoin app

  • pizza bag
    pizza bag 7 days ago+195

    Yo they just got the village and pillage update they deadass built a raider outpost

  • jilly bird
    jilly bird 5 days ago+127

    These people need to open a tree house building company like omg

  • Preecisecel
    Preecisecel 2 days ago+70

    oh no they did not put torches....

  • Water peeper
    Water peeper 7 days ago+300

    Guys don’t fall for it they r in creative mode

  • Trey GotGas
    Trey GotGas 2 days ago+11

    i would like to hire you guys to build my next rent free apartment 💯

  • Derrick c.
    Derrick c. 23 hours ago +7

    In a couple of years were gonna start seeing skyscrapers in the jungle

  • Brandon Guethener
    Brandon Guethener 3 days ago+28

    Everytime a video like this pops up on my feed the huts get more luxurious video by video 🤣🤣 keep up the good work guys

  • Millionaire Youtuber
    Millionaire Youtuber 5 days ago+56

    u guys awesome I stay up at night to watch u

  • Heidi Renouf
    Heidi Renouf 6 days ago+47

    I hate fast mode love just watching to two working together, beautiful team 👌

  • LilDrezz 12
    LilDrezz 12 3 days ago+22

    Bro these guys have to be the most creative villagers I've ever seen they must have created a city by now with everything they have built lol.

  • C1ammy Piano
    C1ammy Piano 3 days ago+24

    Mom: go outside and do something

  • Raheem Morgan
    Raheem Morgan 14 days ago+145

    I bet you would want them as friends if the world collapsed

  • Mai Pereira
    Mai Pereira yesterday+5

    Yo llegue acá por El Demente jajaja

  • Tyler J. Lines
    Tyler J. Lines 2 days ago+22

    Would like to see them travel to different locations to try to build using materials in different places

  • Tyler Atomic
    Tyler Atomic 2 days ago+3

    This piggy made house out of brick
    And this piggy made house out in of sticks and mud

  • Carterhewins Vlogs
    Carterhewins Vlogs 22 hours ago+2

    Probably the best one of these videos I’ve ever watched. Good job 👏👏👏

  • reservoirpo
    reservoirpo 4 days ago+11

    Jeez I've only missed a few videos they gone from little houses to hotels next lol good work guys love watching

  • Jk Plays
    Jk Plays yesterday+2

    Next Video: Two men build a planet