• Published on:  2/16/2017
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  • NICK & TOMI 2 years ago

    "If this doesn't minimize my pores, snatch my waist, get me pregnant, AND raise my kids, I'm not keeping it" Sassy Jaclyn is my everything.. 😍😂🙌🏼

  • afton kalous 1 years ago

    What did Jaclyn mean when she said, "snatch my waist"?

  • Christin V. 2 years ago

    My lifegoal: go to Sephora and not care how much i spend..

  • Nataliughh Sanchez 6 months ago

    Actually ulta...

  • Nataliughh Sanchez 6 months ago

    Christin Miller SAME

  • Kaitlyn Garcia 1 years ago

    Rather be addicted to makeup than drugs 🤷🏻‍♀️😉

  • Lana Like banana 6 months ago

    I am addicted to make up. Legit makeup is my drug lol welcome to the club

  • kylee nixon 1 years ago

    Kaitlyn Garcia you got it girl!!!

  • Madisyn Long 1 years ago

    add all the prices cause i was bored and this was all $1440

  • Melissa Hughes 1 months ago

    Madisyn Long can I have this much time on my hands?

  • Tyller Ayers 2 years ago

    Jaclyn, real question. When you have 60 foundations, how the hell do you decide which one you want to wear each day? I can barely convince myself to use different shades of eyeshadow everyday 😱

  • Stephanie Hernandez 2 years ago

    Who else watches but is broke AF? 😂

  • Ugly Duckling 6 months ago


  • Susie Peters 11 months ago

    Same girl!

  • Cali Elizabeth 2 years ago

    When you OoOOooOo-ed at the tarte highlighter my boyfriend said "oh I know that noise from when you're in Sephora did she find something good? Lol

  • Minna Hansen 14 days ago

    Cali Elizabeth omg yes. Thats meee. Or like. Sh- this is the one. Thats me. Hehe

  • makenzie rae 1 years ago

    "If this doesn't minimize my pores, snatch my waist, get me pregnant, AND raise my kids, I'm not keeping it!" 😂😂😂 I'm literally dead😂😂😂 Sassy Jaclyn is my life😂😂😂

  • Tazzalyn 2 years ago

    Jaclyn has basically no filter and is so sassy, I guess that's why I like her videos so much lmao.

  • TheEllaExpress 2 years ago

    Ilysm Jaclyn!! Can you maybe do an updated makeup collection? I know you have gotten a ton more makeup and I would just love to see it all!

  • Shannon Hodge 1 years ago


  • Luxe Beauty 2 years ago