Boy Who Lost Fingers in Crash Gets Special Prosthetics

  • Published on:  6/10/2019
  • Julian Reynoso loves to play video games, Pokemon and Legos. But after being severely injured in a car accident in 2018, those things became much harder to do. Julian and his mother were the only members of their family to survive after their car was hit by an alleged drunk driver. When engineering students from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo's Quality of Life+ club heard about Julian, they wanted to help and teamed up to design prosthetic hands for him.


  • NessLikesBats 1 months ago

    *im sad ;( RIP to the 3 lost ones.*

  • Bayleigh Smith 1 months ago


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  • Emily Love 1 months ago

    Rip to the 3 that didn't survive 😭 that's amazing they did that for lil Julian ❤

  • Still Chill 1 months ago

    This extremely sad 😢

  • Rianna Anderson 1 months ago

    god bless his soul,that poor child,and his family on what they went through, god bless you all.

  • rubber bird 1 months ago

    Your a good person

  • fαтιмα lσl 1 months ago

    Poor baby😞❤️ god be with him and his mother through this tough time😔 We’re all very lucky to be alive every single day be thankful 💛

  • fαтιмα lσl 22 days ago

    Eschaton Zenith in heaven

  • Miguel Gutierrez 1 months ago

    Eschaton Zenith If you guys don’t wanna believe in god that’s your problem but don’t go bashing other people’s beliefs!

  • Kiana DIFESA 1 months ago

    That's so sweet of them💖It's so sad his dad and siblings didn't survive . R I P.It is good to see he's a fighter though.

  • The Nugget Life 1 months ago

    Poor kid 🙏🏻God bless him

  • Jonaify 1 months ago

    I pray for this family. 🙏

  • Reading Rainbow 1 months ago

    Kid Arachnid 😂

  • Kid Arachnid 1 months ago

    Whatever's left 😅

  • #Rockstar 1 months ago

    I love what u can do with a 3D printer 🖨

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    @ZEEF Z. i was trying to start a chain

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    @Nebel Ben ?

  • Uhh Mimic 1 months ago

    I cant imagine being the mother, her entire life taken from her and shes left with one child who will be a constant reminder and would need constant attention for years to come. Rest in peace to the three that passed, so terrible.

  • kiana vasquez 1 months ago

    Uhh Mimic my heart breaks for her. RIP

  • Kid Arachnid 1 months ago

    He may have survived the physical trauma, but I just hope he survives the mental damage