"Rocket Pops" Popsicle Challenge (x48)

  • Published on:  6/4/2019
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  • Joseph Rigney
    Joseph Rigney 2 months ago+5873

    The noise from the Styrofoam pains me.

  • QWK_ Qwakey
    QWK_ Qwakey 28 days ago+895

    Matt Stonie: eats 48 popsicles
    Brain: Am I a joke to you?

  • 14DupIexes fake
    14DupIexes fake 21 days ago+421

    He has Gucci
    He has Yeezys
    But most importantly
    He doesn't have diabetes

  • free fire craze
    free fire craze 14 days ago+441

    Whoo else got goosebumps when he put the pops in the styrefoam

  • D W
    D W 28 days ago+401

    Bro I have sensitive teeth, LOOKING at all those makes me cringe so hard.

  • Exhylarate
    Exhylarate 2 months ago+10987

    Matt Stonie: Walks into store
    Cashier: Ahh sh*t here we go again

  • Chisteybinmishti YT
    Chisteybinmishti YT 28 days ago+257

    “Only 1600 calories one of the lightest challenges I’ve done”
    Ok BudDy......

  • Silky Alain
    Silky Alain 6 days ago+21

    Who else got a brain freeze from just watchin?

  • MinerMaster :D
    MinerMaster :D 14 days ago+99

    Matt: walks into all you can eat buffet
    Restaurant owners: SH*T.

  • TD_Hexical
    TD_Hexical 7 days ago+33

    For anyone on a tight schedule, he begins eating 3:22

  • Doggo
    Doggo 28 days ago+2705

    I never saw anyone deep throat that many rocket pops in my entire life

  • Mr Oof
    Mr Oof 4 days ago+7

    This isnt any normal brain freeze...

  • GENIST_ Hpark
    GENIST_ Hpark 14 days ago+40

    Matt:Eats a ice lolly in like 2 seconds
    Me:Eats 1 in about 3 mins😕😕

  • WinWin’s Nonexistent Lines

    Matt is not afraid of obesity...
    Nah I ain’t one of those people

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet yesterday+2

    I need to keep it quick so the don’t melt, starts playing lords mobile

  • David
    David 2 months ago+2734

    Girl's locker room: "do I look fat? I should eat more healthy"
    Boy's locker room:

  • Ahmad Rustamov
    Ahmad Rustamov 14 days ago+27

    Me watching the video: THIS IS SO INTENSE OH MY GOD!!
    Me after the video, realizing that it wasn’t that intense, and was just a man eating popsicles

  • Chompy Pepper
    Chompy Pepper 28 days ago+32

    Me: Matt Stonie havent you ever thought of diabities?
    Matt Stonie: What's that?

    THENONAME yesterday+1

    and I thought that my girlfriend was good

  • Unicorn Magic
    Unicorn Magic 14 days ago+15

    Matt Stonie: Eats 48 popsicle ,and bites them
    Sensitive teeth:Am I a joke to you?