10 Weird CAR Gadgets You Never Knew About

  • Published on:  1/24/2019
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  • JC -RB
    JC -RB 3 months ago+33

    👇🏻 pls roi

  • StarBlox Studios
    StarBlox Studios 6 months ago+41

    4:29 The dog jumped into the car to block Guava Juice from touching the pedals xD

  • Spikemovie
    Spikemovie 6 months ago+7

    Please make a video about you speaking Tagalog/Filipino for the whole video.
    Like from the Philippines :)

  • Markuss Raivis Steins
    Markuss Raivis Steins 4 months ago+45

    Roi should do a donut bath challange like if u agree

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    Juan Sol4r 6 months ago+317

    I will add a 😄 for every like I get I will start with mynes
    **I have to go to sleep I will continue adding tomorow**

  • Andreei03
    Andreei03 21 days ago+4

    6:22 I saw Patrick Star the make-up guru

  • Mewnsters Magic
    Mewnsters Magic  6 months ago+13

    Instead of using a hot water maker, use a coffee maker at home, then bring it with you.

  • Vyond Games
    Vyond Games 11 hours ago

    there was a little snow at the windshield

  • Weichel Sce Yu Goh
    Weichel Sce Yu Goh 6 months ago+14


  • Dancerrae101
    Dancerrae101 6 months ago+4

    I've been subscribed to you for like 3 or 4 years... I lost count but the point is... UR AMAZING and it so cool to see all of the growth your channel has went through 😍😍😍😍

  • Dabbing Unicorn#1
    Dabbing Unicorn#1 6 months ago+4

    6:22 I saw Patrick Star the make-up guru

  • Mike Feliciano
    Mike Feliciano 6 days ago

    6:22 i see a black woman smiling in a wall with paint

  • Joanna Wicks
    Joanna Wicks 7 days ago+1

    6:22 a picture of Patrick star the make up guru

  • Soksovanmonni Huot
    Soksovanmonni Huot 6 months ago+275

    Probably 98% of people won’t read this
    Hi 2% people have a happy day and great future a head of you

  • Mohammed Afifa
    Mohammed Afifa 16 hours ago

    I saw a girl

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole 6 months ago+2

    are you a filipino?? can you do a challenge "speak tagalog for 24 hrs"

  • Mewnsters Magic
    Mewnsters Magic 6 months ago+12

    Instead of buying a stering wheel tray, just get a food tray.

  • Duy Nguyen
    Duy Nguyen yesterday


  • Alex King
    Alex King 6 months ago+265

    Press read more
    God loves you ♥️