The Suspicious Retirement Of Michael Jordan

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
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  • Hey everyone!! We wanted to try something new: Unsolved - Sports Conspiracies! We had such a fun time making it and hope you love it too. 🕵🏻 (don't worry -- Shane didn't go anywhere!)

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    *FOR ANYONE CONFUSED: PSA* 1) supernatural will come out, the production hasn’t ended yet so it’s not ready to premiere2) this is an old video (december 2017) meant to tide viewers over until supernatural begins 3) zack unfortunately won’t be part of buzzfeed unsolved, he left buzzfeed a while ago4) if you /are/ interested in this series, there’s a Buzzfeed Unsolved Sports facebook page with more of these videos5) shane never left, so no worries about that

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