All About Our Age Gap Relationship! Pt1

  • Published on:  7/27/2018
  • All About Our Age Gap Relationship! Pt1Meet MY Black Bear Eddie!Comment any questions you guys have for usHow We Met


  • The Classic City
    The Classic City 4 months ago+365

    i saw the thumbnail and i was like age gap?????

  • Grace Chiware
    Grace Chiware 4 months ago+256

    She looks older, he looks younger

  • Naomié Rose
    Naomié Rose 4 months ago+159

    Wow 40 . Black don’t crack he looks more like 30 or even less. But rah that’s crazy.

  • Brittany Jheanelle
    Brittany Jheanelle 4 months ago+50

    I literally saw the thumbnail and thought ‘AGE GAP?!?’

  • Queenbee Corren
    Queenbee Corren 4 months ago+165

    He doesn’t even look that old. Oh please!!!! If the caption didn’t say older I wouldn’t have known. Girl you’re the one that looks older than your age, you look late 20’s pushing 30. If that man were to shave that beard , that man would knock off 25 more years.

  • taiwo m
    taiwo m 4 months ago+99

    They are fineeeeeeee as hell DAMMN..MY FINE BLACK COUPLE

  • Owolabby Azeez
    Owolabby Azeez 4 months ago+53

    Ya whoever is scrolling through the comments I hope you have a phenomenal week. Get ya bread and all the crumbs too. We leaving nothing on the table. Stack and act broke. Stay in your bag like the fries at the bottom 😤🤟🏾😤🤟🏾

  • Tapiwa Lexis
    Tapiwa Lexis 4 months ago+127

    Age gap ain’t nothing if you’re in love but as a young female you also still have to be careful that you don’t get with anyone who will manipulate you or use you

  • GreenGirl Godess
    GreenGirl Godess 4 months ago+91

    He looks hella Young.. I wouldn't even have noticed an age gap. You two mesh well.

  • Catherine
    Catherine 9 months ago+138

    If I saw you together my only reaction, What a handsome couple......She is gorgeous but looks old enough for you

  • Aaliyah Sasha Brookes
    Aaliyah Sasha Brookes 4 months ago+121

    I love all these black couple videos. It's so necessary and needed... It's not even a joke. X

  • KD Livin’
    KD Livin’ a years ago+216

    My boyfriend and i are 20 years apart and i can sincerely relate to everything that was said in the video. This has been my best relationship and we have been the most compatible.

  • Passionnubianqueen
    Passionnubianqueen a years ago+144

    Me and my baby are 7 years apart but I’ve dated even older before lol tbh it’s not that bad and Jasmine you sound just like me I always was attracted to older and MATURE men lol judge if you want to but I like what I like lol 😝

  • thearough
    thearough 4 months ago+70

    He is fewine. Y'all will make stunningly good-looking kids.

  • Alika Noles
    Alika Noles 4 months ago+26

    Wow I wonder how it feels to have a 40 year old man tell me, a 22 year old,, “ I have never experienced anything like her” ........ you must be truly amazing

  • I might need security
    I might need security a years ago+123

    yall are absolutely gorgeous, and i can tell both of you love each other so much <3

  • yes beautyizhername
    yes beautyizhername 4 months ago+83

    U guys look the same age rt..he looks maybe just 2/3 years older

  • Flawed and Flawless
    Flawed and Flawless 11 months ago+68

    My parents 17 years apart love is love 💕

  • Black Jew
    Black Jew 4 months ago+82

    If the RELATIONSHIP works for the both of YOU then don't worry what other people think because BLACKS AGE DIFFERENTLY than other RACES. You guys make a BEAUTIFUL COUPLE. God Bless!

    SUNDAY OO 5 months ago+22

    Thank you Jasmine and Eddie for sharing your story. 💕I am in a Age Gap Marriage - 20 Years. I am 33 years old. He is 53 years old. Age is just a number. 😍😘 Love from CANADA 🇨🇦 XO