Building an Epic Igloo!

  • Published on:  3/28/2016
  • When we were in Utah filming the Frozen Rap, we decided to make an EPIC IGLOO as well! Let us know what you guys think and also if you're interested, contact the (RHIC) Ryan Higa Ice Company to make one for you as well! Our number is 1-800-ICE-DOTCOMJust Launched Official Store Channel Channel us mail or whatever you want here!PO Box 232355Las Vegas, NV 89105Download the TEEHEE app for iPhone and Android here:iPhone: Android:


  • Rachel Henry
    Rachel Henry 3 years ago+4214

    They should do the igloo challenge every year where they constantly try to outdo the previous years' igloo😂

  • cameron tran
    cameron tran 6 months ago+401

    Anyone back after the snow fort video?

  • Think Twice
    Think Twice a years ago+325


  • 2 9
    2 9 a years ago+441

    why does ryan have so many friends? It took me two years to make ONE

  • Aomine Daiki
    Aomine Daiki 6 months ago+133

    Who's here after watching the primitive building? 😂😂✌️

  • Rachel
    Rachel 3 years ago+3174

    What Ryan Higa and his friends do on their free time: Build luxury igloos
    What I do on my free time: stay in my pajamas and watch netflix

  • ImJustRed OwO
    ImJustRed OwO a years ago+98

    "This is like gonna hurt me but not that much"
    - Ryan

  • Tim Dadik
    Tim Dadik a years ago+50

    Who caught the 5:57? It said internet famous with a halarious picture of Ryan on it

  • sweetheart fernandez
    sweetheart fernandez  a years ago+487

    Omg ryan wore short shirt😂😂

  • golden tortle
    golden tortle 10 months ago+44

    Hours to make
    Seconds spent in it

  • fschkun
    fschkun 3 years ago+1419

    Should've made a snow parkourse!!! :)

  • Angelic Revenge
    Angelic Revenge 2 years ago+186

    Was paco pretending to be a titan

  • thomas Cho
    thomas Cho a years ago+44

    U should’ve done a parkourse

  • abby w
    abby w 2 years ago+171

    Did anyone else just notice that Arden was there with them?
    Just me? Okay...

  • VictoriaRojas
    VictoriaRojas a years ago+44

    I love it how its probably freezing and ryan is the only one wearing a short sleve 😂😂

  • 2Jeckle 4You
    2Jeckle 4You a years ago+29

    Anyone actually thought they gave up when they said they did

  • Karate Cow
    Karate Cow a years ago+28

    That’s actually lit! Holy Shiet!

  • Brookstar91
    Brookstar91 2 years ago+64

    Rayn was in the snow
    With a t-shirt on

  • Llama Lachie
    Llama Lachie a years ago+136


  • maddie miller
    maddie miller 3 years ago+3445

    This is cooler than my real house😐😂