Uber's air taxi revealed at CES 2019 | What The Future



  • Swagveex 5 months ago

    Him: "Its actually less than 900 dollar"Him again "its 899 plus tax"Me: 😑

  • Gavi Ahuja 3 months ago

    Then its 1150

  • Bla Uno 5 months ago

    There true boost there profits really fast💰. $900 dollars for a helmet no thanks, get that 🤬 outta here. I hate companies that do that. Now and days you have to spend that on a decent 1 bedroom apt.

  • diamondrmp 5 months ago

    Getting a flying taxi to be able to operate especially in cities will require years and years of route planning, certifications, rules, and laws that will have to be made up as progress goes,

  • symmetry08 6 days ago

    @Aneke Chimdindu semi-autonomous which can see obstacles and dangers to avoid

  • Aneke Chimdindu 21 days ago

    Won't these aircrafts need an Internet connection to maintain communication and know the proximity of other aircrafts? And what happens when there's no Internet connection

  • ONLY ENTERTAINMENT 5 months ago

    It reminds me the name of movie Avatar .

  • Dainius G Two words. Unobtainium superconductor! 😁

  • Dainius G 27 days ago

    @THE AMERICAN PATRIOT Yup sure, especially the "Floating mountains of Pandora" aka the "Hallelujah Mountains

  • Phirun Tara 5 months ago

    This taxi is already available on Pandora

  • CircaSriYak 5 months ago

    You lost me at "Concept"

  • ZexSore 5 months ago

    Its Ces, almost everything there is a concept. It's just a chance for industries to show off what they are working on.

  • Tony J 5 months ago

    That’s like a year after 2019

  • Tomate N 5 months ago

    I can't stand the lady.

  • She's pretty terrible, like all feminists

  • CyPsyShyGuy 5 months ago

    Women and technology do not mix, unless its something to do with sex, maybe.

  • yuyo57 5 months ago

    You would need a landing area for that thing. That flyer would never land at your house for pickup.

  • Ai A 1 months ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be assigned to certain helipad locations, I saw an earlier trailer for one of these and I’m pretty sure there was a “sky port” at the top of this apartment complex building, so it’s definitely gonna be more city rooftop friendly

  • mickavellian 5 months ago

    The street where my house is will NOT accommodate half of that monster.BUT I can take a regular cab to Kennedy .. AND THAT is what this shit is for.. long distance trips 15+ miles ) the report just blows.

  • Jordan 5 months ago

    Wow CNET is still a thing? When i was kid i would just download win rar from them lol

  • Nani, Mr Popo😂👊🏽☻

  • sweiland75 5 months ago

    For non-Americans, 150 miles is 240 kilometres.

  • fhornfreak17 5 months ago

    That taxi is what I want to arrive anywhere in

  • Phoenix Dawn 5 months ago

    The entrance taxi lol!