Iggy Pop - Break Into Your Heart | #PostPopDepression

  • Published on:  1/25/2016
  • From the new album ‘Post Pop Depression,' out now. iTunes: http://found.ee/PPD_iTunesVinyl/Merch: http://found.ee/PPD_OnlineStoreAmazon: http://found.ee/PPD_AmazoniTunes: http://found.ee/PPD_iTunesVinyl/Merch: http://found.ee/PPD_OnlineStoreAmazon: http://found.ee/PPD_AmazonGooglePlay: http://found.ee/PPD_GooglePlayhttp://iggypop.comhttp://www.facebook.com/iggypophttp://twitter.com/iggypophttp://www.instagram.com/iggypopoffic...


  • Stephen Dedalus
    Stephen Dedalus 3 years ago+201

    They do look like the most bizarre couple I could ever think of.

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones 3 years ago+83

    Welcome back Iggy. Sounds very promising indeed. With Lou and David
    both sadly gone, you are the Last Man Standing.

  • Luna Queen
    Luna Queen 3 years ago+33

    i feel bowie is still alive and everywhere, i love this

  • All Blue
    All Blue 3 years ago+102

    EVERYTHING that is touched by Josh Homme turns into gold
    But this time gold turns into diamond

  • Oldmotherhell
    Oldmotherhell 3 years ago+59

    That synth is straight out of 1977. Totally feeling this, Jim!

  • Diego Maidana
    Diego Maidana 3 years ago+18

    Minuto 2:09, el colorado Josh Homme emulando los coros del finado David Bowie, automáticamente llevandote a los puntos sobresalientes de ¨The Idiot¨, disco grabado por Iggy & Bowie en 1977. Estremecedor. Uno de los discos del año.

  • enso
    enso 3 years ago+49

    When's wedding?

  • James Branzei
    James Branzei 3 years ago+17

    Being from Detroit an hearing anything Iggy dose is like drinking a nice cold glass of fresh water.He's the greatest,he's a part of our DNA.,thanks for sharing,

  • egnition
    egnition 3 years ago+79

    Homme's girlfriend looks like a man

  • Tom
    Tom 3 years ago+78

    As much as this is iggy pop its clear who creatively dominates the sound

  • David Strandquest
    David Strandquest 2 years ago+9

    Very Bowie sounding production. Sounds great.

  • o00lara00o
    o00lara00o 3 years ago+66

    I feel like this album will be one of the best things that happened and will happen to me in these years. God bless Iggy and this collaboration.

  • Callum Brankin
    Callum Brankin 3 years ago+32

    If i could make love to a song, it would be this one

  • Anderson Santiago
    Anderson Santiago 7 hours ago+1

    Something new... Back to the past. Wow!!

  • Yuli Portillo
    Yuli Portillo 3 years ago+10

    Me gustó más Gardenia, pero igualmente está GENIAL. Y qué lindo que Matt Helders sea parte de esto.

  • Víctor Pizarnik
    Víctor Pizarnik 3 years ago+17

    PERFECTO. Bowie estaría orgulloso.

  • philosolicious
    philosolicious 3 years ago+10

    This jam sounds like the Doors and Pink Floyd bastard son...and that isn't a bad thing ;)

  • Monika Wiczewa
    Monika Wiczewa 3 years ago+6

    relationship goals

  • Jonas
    Jonas 3 years ago+11

    Great vibrato in iggy's voice

  • Teresa Watts
    Teresa Watts yesterday+1

    Wow! Just hearing this! Sweet....