Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Travel

  • Published on:  1/2/2014
  • Destination Unscripted travels to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Highlighting some of the areas accommodations, eating establishments, and attractions.


  • Dark Angel Wolf
    Dark Angel Wolf 3 years ago +19

    can't wait go to Myrtle Beach In five days!!! °•°

  • kayleyokay
    kayleyokay 4 years ago+24

    I've been going to myrtle beach every year since I was 3

  • Huntermartin128
    Huntermartin128 5 years ago+2

    Going to myrtle beach tomorrow can't wait :)

  • Erika Satriana
    Erika Satriana 3 years ago+15

    I live in Indonesia, and I really want to go to Myrtle beach

  • Cathy Fink
    Cathy Fink 5 years ago+2

    I'm going to myrtle beach on July 25

  • Elizabeth Hoy
    Elizabeth Hoy 3 years ago+5

    3 days!!!✨ ( I haven't packed yet)😂

  • HeKTeK
    HeKTeK 3 years ago+2

    just came back from a week-long vacation at Myrtle Beach, staying at the Long Bay Resort, it was probably the funnest week of my entire life

  • Liliana Alfaro
    Liliana Alfaro 5 years ago+1

    Going next week yes

  • Nyla ._.
    Nyla ._. 4 years ago+1

    Im going on friday

  • out look
    out look 4 years ago+2

    I love myrtle beach my first time going was just amazing.

  • ღkyraღ
    ღkyraღ 2 years ago+5

    I live in north Carolina with is about 5 maybe 6 hours away from Myrtle beach I been 5 time's such a beautiful places : ) well worth a 5 hour car trip for

  • TreesOnTheBeach
    TreesOnTheBeach 3 years ago+1

    I just got back from MB on Friday.

    CANDACE RYBA 4 years ago+1

    some of the best memories of my life

  • Hakim Clark
    Hakim Clark 4 years ago+1

    I like the way he sounds when he said a hundred courses at 7 minutes and 40 seconds!!!!

  • S'ymone Ranea
    S'ymone Ranea 5 years ago+1

    Im going next month for a week im excited

  • DrMDC
    DrMDC 3 years ago+2

    Omg I miss mrytle beach soooo much 😢😢😢

  • Greenville SC 101
    Greenville SC 101 3 years ago+1

    Myrtle Beach has such beautiful beaches, and awesome golf courses!

  • Angelica Tamar-Arv
    Angelica Tamar-Arv 5 years ago+2

    Hello myrtle We be there soon !!!
    I'm so happy!!

  • marshmallow gaming
    marshmallow gaming 2 years ago+2

    I'm going thar summer:D

  • brooke hall
    brooke hall 5 years ago+2

    I'm going in two days and actually staying at the caravelle! and I've stayed at the landmark numerous times :) love it!